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feeding after spaying

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I had the kittens spayed and nuetered today. They are doing pretty well and still cuddling eash other.

Question is the doctor said be careful about feeding them too soon as they could throw up and pull their stitches. They said they would eat to fast. I fed the boy about 4 hours after I got home. Finn ate to fast and threw up I am afraid to feed Darci because I know her stiches are more likely to be pulled.

How has anyone handled this?

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Your vet is correct. Cats typically (especially females) don't feel too wonderful after their operation and eating will cause their stomachs to get upset easily. Neither of my two cats wanted to touch food for at least 12 hours or more after they were spayed. They more or less handled it themselves.
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I had the same experience with my cat as MissCharlotte. Although I have to add that my cat stayed at the vets overnight after the operation, and I picked her up the next afternoon. So she was there over 24 hours. But when we brought her home she still didn't eat that day, and ate only very little the next morning, just nibbled on food pretty much.

I might be wrong on this and please correct me if I am, ...., maybe just give them little food, so that they can nibble but not eat too much. I would also have plenty of fresh water out to keep them hydrated. I am sure someone will have more experience with this.
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I did forget to mention that I did have food and water available for them. They chose not to eat it.
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Sage wouldn't go near food for 12 hours. Then she ate tiny amounts. Just leave food down and when they are ready they will eat.
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Thanks Everyone, I put food down at midnight and both kittens ate some. Knock wood they seem to be recovering very well. Even Darci is wanting to play and climb but I am trying my best to keep her calm but if I leave the room and come back she is climbing. The boy is back to his old self. I guess I have very good vet and pretty resilent kittens or maybe they will be beat tomorrow.
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