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Todays radio question: 08/01/05

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Do you like to ride horses?
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I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE riding horses! The last time I went was in May when Brendan and I were in Asheville. We got to ride up the side of a mountain, it was BEAUTIFUL!
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I've never had the opportunity, but I would love to try it.
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I like the idea of it I once rode a horse when I was a teenager and got thrown off..... I haven't ridden a horse since then!
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I'm the same as Fran, I've never had the opportunity, but given it, I would definitely try it!!
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No. I have an irrational fear of being too close to horses.
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Oh, yes...
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Never been so I don't know.
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Nope Nope Nope Nope!!!!
Scared of horses... deep rooted scare from childhood!!!
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I've only done it once, years ago, and I absolutely loved it. It's something I definitely want to learn how to do properly, and do it much more often.
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I love horse riding!
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I love horseback riding, unfortunately, I know no one with horses, and renting is too expensive, so I haven't been in many years.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
I love horseback riding, unfortunately, I know no one with horses, and renting is too expensive, so I haven't been in many years.
If you can find a stable nearby that does trail rides you can go for very cheap. Most of them require that a guide goes with you, but they do things based on your skill level so if you want to trot or canter they have no problem letting you do that.
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I have only been on a horse twice in my life and never in control but I would like to learn
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Yes! I used to go to horse camp for two weeks each summer when I was a child.
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I got put on a horse when I was little for a photo, and it scared me. Now that I'm over the trauma, I would loooooove to! Horses are so smart and sweet.
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to be honest with you, .. hummm......a bit...
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im scared of horses but i like watching other people get thrown off
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I tried it and hated it.
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Never had any formal training, but I've yet to be unseated, and I've gotten into some pretty harrowing trail rides.

The last that sticks out clearly was on a family vacation.
Me, my then boyfriend (never been on a horse before), my stepdad, and a close family friend took a guided trail ride through a nature preserve.

Part of the trail took us close to the backside of a trailer park, where some kids were playing.
On the trail was a deer and two fawns, the kids were throwing rocks and spooked the deer off, one fawn followed her, but the other panicked and ran at us, right under my horse's belly which of course spooked him.
The horse reared and spun, slamming into the horse behind me, pinning my leg pretty good, and Loren, the family friend, had my mount's bit smacked pretty hard into his elbow.
No one was hurt, and the horses calmed pretty quickly, but mine was done basically.
He was jumpy and his bit had dug in good when he smacked the other horse.
Didn't want his mouth raw, so I let him have the bit after I moved him up behind the lead mare.
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I love it! But the only time I can is in AZ where my cousins have like 8 horses combined. When it's been a while, I have them lead my horse though. Too freaky at first but then I'm ok. My sister has 2 horses but one is a racing horse that you can't ride for fun (disciplinary reasons) and the other has a stress fracture and we can't ride her until she heals.
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Yes, but I haven't done it for over 30 years.
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