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This is precious!

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I love catching cats when they do something cute. Look at my little present under the tree!
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You kitty is precious! She looks just like my Marina Mar who went to the Bridge on 11/28/01.
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Aww..sorry to hear about your kitty..I would cry my heart out if anything ever happened to little Artemis.

Look at those eyes 0_0 hehehe
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oooohhh...Artemis is gorgeous!

You're right about his eyes, they're riveting!

(love the Pawsitronic site too, very well done)
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Ooooooo... Artemis....it's "kitty sammich" time
Sooooo squeezable! Thanks for the beautiful pic!

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She's very beautiful!!!
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Your cat is so cute! I wish that my kittens would stay still for a picture.
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Goodness me! Artemis looks like a double for Dani Night Stalker. It was scary.

Never thought I'd own a black cat... well technically I still don't... Dani owns me


JoJo and Dani Night Stalker
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Ohh I love black cats...specially the really furry kind! I guess its because my very first cat was like Artemis.

We got Artemis out of the classified ads! When we went to the lady's house to pick her up, the lady had a whole garage full of fuzzy black kittens...aahhhh I was in heaven!
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When I had my first kitty of my own, she was a black tuxedo cat...unfortunately after her first litter she died 2 days later...we cared for the kitties until they were old enough to give them to good homes...all except for one. That was the beginning to the black cat era for me. For a couple of years I was owned by two black cats and then two white one's joined our family! I love all cats, but black cats have always been like a charm for me. Ironically, I have nine cats at the moment. I'm currently looking for my little black beauty...(or whomever drops in the neighborhood first!) hahahaa!

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By the way Artemis, great web design there!

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Oh what a beautiful black cat!!! It looks just like my two identical black cats, Sheba and Sebastion...(except one has green eyes, and one has yellow eyes.)
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