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Swollen throat

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Hi i'm new here. My cat's name is Shasper and he's about 6 years old. This morning i heard him crying and went to see what was up. His throat looked swollen and he would periodically dothis weird " hiss". though thats not what it was. he would open his mouth, and like curl his tongue and then seemingly cough. it was very odd and i'm sure he did not enjoy it. my cat is SO nice. so i checked him out and i could not see any injuries on the outside of his body. he went and laid in a corner under a table which is not ususally where he lays. i'm taking him to the vet tomorrow i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas of what i can do in the meantime. He did eat not to long ago, though it seemed slow going. He may also be having some trouble breathing. but not too much i don't think. he's moving very slowly, and seems to have little or no energy. He is an outdoor cat, and was most likely outdoors this morning. His belly also seems to be sensitive. I considered picking him up, and so i placed my hand under his belly and he kind of huffed. he didn't cry or do anything to stop me but i still figured it best not to lift him just yet. he's an otherwise healthy cat and has always been with the exception of an abcess incurred about a year ago in a cat fight. But that was taken care of and he's been perfectly fine since. Any ideas? thanks in advance!
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Sorry I have no idea what is wrong with your kitty. But am glad you are taking him to the vet tomorrow. Sending good vibes Shasper's way.
Let us know how it goes at the vet.
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Aww thank you! It's very appreciated! I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow, if at all possible! Well i'm going to crash now, so night everyone!
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Do you have houseplants or does he go outside? I suspect if his throat is swollen he may have nibbled on a poisionous plant. There are many houseplants that swell up the throat.
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No, my cat never munches on anything. We got cat grass once just to see if he would eat it, but he never touched it! Well i took a look at him this morning and thankfully he seems ok. his throat is back to normal and for the most part he seems fine. he's still tired, and as odd as it seems he was burping a little this afternoon. I've learned that he decided to eat a dead mouse the night before last. so my guess is that one of the bones got stuck in his throat for a bit, which caused the swelling, and since it was already dead it may have given him a little bit of food poisoning. Well he's eating about normal today, and he's not sensitive anywhere anymore. i picked him up no problems, and i've rubbed his neck and belly and everything and he has no complaints. The only behavior abnormal is that he's kinda laying around in places he doesn't usually. But thats more or less because hes still a little under the weather. if by tomorrow he is still not his usual self i'll have to take him to the vet, lol despite his cries to the contrary :P He hates car trips! So if i don't have to i won't. Hopefully he's learned his lesson and won't eat dead things!!! Crazy cat lol.
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Welcome to TCS! Could he have been stung by a wasp or bee? We used to have a dog that was allergic to wasp stings, and not only would his throat swell up, but his belly would get red blotches and be very sensitive to the touch. In our dog's case, it was a life-threatening situation, because his throat would swell shut, so we always had "sting pens" (I can't recall the name, but it was epinephrine plus an antihistamine) on hand to inject him right away.
Does "Epipen" sound right? Hubby doesn't remember the name, either.
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Yes, that is right - here is the official site for Epipen's
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Hmm i know what your talking about, but i know he's not allergic. Well at least not to wasp stings. Lol when he was younger he used to eat any bugs that he found on the window sill. Flys, bees,wasps anything. Well one day on my deck he decided a wasp would make a tasty snack and so he bit it. But before it died it managed to sting his tongue! He was licking his lips for hours! But no adverse reaction. They say pets resemble their owners. ^_^ this is definitely true about shasper! So i'm sure he'll be okay. By tomorrow i expect him to be up and about. :-) if not i'll update with the vets conclusions!! night everyone
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