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My baby is gone

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My darling Baby Nemo was born on May 17th last year. His mom’s owner is a friend of mine, so I was there all the time to see him grow. Me and my husband could not wait to get him home.

He had two brothers and one sister and they were all small bundles of joy.
My Nemo was a Tabby Muggy and the first of the siblings to se the light of day.
As the summer came to an end the day we had been waiting for finally arrived and we finally got to bring our little baby home.

He soon found his way in to our bedroom and slept in our bed closely snuggled up to his new mom and dad. When he became a little older he started sleeping in is basket on my nightstand and he used that basket until he grew out of it a few months ago.

He would come in to my bed every night for a god night cuddle before he went to sleep and every morning he would be there when we woke up.

He was always there to provide me comfort when life got rough, and to share our happiness when the sun reappeared. He was my pride and joy, my little angel. In the last year I have had my full chare of ups and downs, none of it mattered as he was always there to bring me comfort and joy, but now he is gone.

I got a call on Monday telling me to come home; my bay had been in an accident. He had been hit by a car. This is somewhat odd as he was afraid of all cars even the sound of them would have him run to the far end of our garden, were he spent most of his time.

That calls shattered my world. I came home to find my Nemo dead. Our neighbour cat, his best buddy had found him on the side of the road, and when our neighbour called for their cat he refused to move, he was sitting next to his pal crying out in grief for his lost companion. The two of them had been inseparable from the start.

On the day we lost our baby, my husband called the vet to not notify them that our Nemo was gone. On occasions when we have been visiting the vet, there have from time to time been cats that have been handed in to be put a sleep because their own didn’t want them or couldn’t keep them anymore. I asked my husband to ask if they had any cats that needed new home, and we were told to come in and have a look if we were interested. They had a mother with 5 kittens and a 14 month old female. Lara looked the spitting image of my baby. She is a lot smaller than my 5,5 kg bundle of joy and has a completely different personally, but I could not leave her for dead. At least, this way, his death means that another cat will not have to die.
She has bonded with my husband, but is not very close to me, but I hope in time she will warm up and want the same close relationship that we had with Nemo.

Nearly a week has past, and I still cry every day missing my baby, and hoping that by a miracle he'll return. But I know that he never will. He is buried in our garden, were we enjoyed countless hours of fun. But the pain doesn’t seem to go away, not even weaken a bit and I wonder how I will go on with my life without my trusted friend. Life has lost all its high notes for me, or so it seams for now. I wish I knew how to carry on. What to do, to ease the pain. I just live one day at the time hoping that one day soon the pain will be less and I will again be able to think of my darling boy without grief.
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I am sorry you lost your precious baby so tragically. The pain eases with time, but never truly goes away. I'm sure your new baby will bond with you once she settles in all the way.

RIP Nemo
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Oh, condolences on the loss of this young life. We have outside cats, too, and it is always a worry of mine. I am very sorry you lost your precious Nemo. How lovely that you adopted a rescue kitty in Nemo's memory!
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That is so awful to lose your precious baby. That's one of my worst fears about my boys. I just can't bring myself to imagine them gone.
My condolences to you.
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I am so very very sorry to hear of your loss - how your heart must be aching right now. I wish I could find the words to help take away some of your pain, but please know that we are always here for you if you need to talk.

Although his life was short, it was spent knowing how much he was loved, adored and treasured. What a wonderful way for a kitty to spend his life

I know its a difficult time for you, but the grief will lessen and one day you smile a little at the thought of Nemo - you will remember the good times you had and you will treasure those memories

And now you have a new kitty to love and treasure - Nemo will be watching over you and pleased that you saved a life - I have no doubt about that.

He will watch over you and protect you - he will be your angel from above, and he will wait at the rainbow bridge until its time for you to meet again - I truely believe this.

enjoy those wings sweet little one

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So very sorry to hear of your loss
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little nemo had everything a cat could wish for
a warm bed, a loving mom and dad, the adventure of your garden to share with his neighbour
so sorry for your loss
but i asure you his life was worth living full of love
he wil be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge
in the mean time it is your dutie to love your new kitty the same way you loved nemo and her dutie to heal your wounds left by nemo
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Condolences on your loss of dear little Nemo! Bless you for rescuing Lara; perhaps her aloofness is a sign that yet another kitty-heart needs to be in your home. God Bless!
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I'm so very sorry for your loss of Nemo. It's always so very hard. But it's wonderful that you & your husband were able to open your hearts so quickly and save the life of another little needy one. I hope Lara will bond with you quickly -- or perhaps lead to you save yet another precious kitty life.
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So sorry to hear of your loss, but what a nice person you are to see if there were any other needy kitties. Although Lara cant replace Nemo, at least she will help fill the void left by him, and i am sure she will bond with you in time.
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My heart goes out to you
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I just want to let everybody know how much your support and comforting words have meant to me. Thank you very much, it really made a difference.

Life dose go on and time mends all wounds and eventually I know I will only remember the joy of having been blessed with a friend and companion that my Nemo was to me.

Although the time we got was far to short it was a good one.

Things are looking a lot brighter now than what it did at first, and although I feel I have accepted that my new cat Lara never will be as close to me as Nemo was, you cant help but fall in love with them. In many ways that is unconditional love as you have no choice but to love them on their terms regardless of what you may have hoped for. She is a very sweet cat who just happens to prefer a little distance( most of the time) We have decided that it would be in her and our best interest to get an additional cat, and we are bringing the newest addition to our family home in a few days. His name is Simba and he is a silver tabby British short hair. He is 5 months and very calm and cuddly. In time I think they will make great friends and he will fill some of the void that Nemo left, and that it is not in Laras nature to fill.

I spent the weekend preparing for Simbas homecoming and for the first time in long time I felt happy.

Thank you all for your support.
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Congratulations on your adoption of Simba! I'm sure he'll be a wonderful, lively addition to your family. Perhaps he will be the key to bringing Lara closer to you also, as well as providing a companion for her. I'm glad you're able to open your heart and home to another needy kitty. Simba will be very lucky to have your care and love.
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Originally Posted by mlmcats
Congratulations on your adoption of Simba! I'm sure he'll be a wonderful, lively addition to your family. Perhaps he will be the key to bringing Lara closer to you also, as well as providing a companion for her. I'm glad you're able to open your heart and home to another needy kitty. Simba will be very lucky to have your care and love.
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May you have many happy years with Simba and Lara.
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