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Ideas for new appartment

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Okay guys, tomorrow we are signing the lease to move into a 3 room appartment, Its on the first floor and its right next to a kiosk (those things are where they sell ice cream and lollies and drinks)..
Anyway, i want to put plants around the windows that will last through winter, do you guys have any ideas? Outside plants by the way and not too big?

Also what kind of colours would you use inside the appartment walls to make it look brighter and lovely coloured?

I wanted to take the other appartment which is exactly the same except its on the top floor and it has a balcony but MIL has already taken it with out consulting us

Your ideas will be great.
Also if you have pictures to provide on how you made your walls look pretty then youre welcome to post them
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Congratulations on getting a new, more spacious apartment, Fwan!!!! I like light shades of brown and beige. You can match any decor to neutral, earth tone colored walls!
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show pics of what you mean lol because when i think of brown i think of cacca brown
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Sorry, Fwan! Can't help! We've been here almost 8 months and STILL nothing on the walls. Although we have peace lillies that last all year and without a lot of sunlight. They are GORGEOUS flowers! If you have any questions, ask me. I love interior decorating so if you need advice on anything just let me know!

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oh my god those flowers are beautiful!
i would rather keep them inside though!
tell me how to fgrow them!
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Put them in a pot and water them about once or twice a week. We bought them at Home Depot. I don't know if you have those there but you can get them at any garden center. We have ours on top of the entertainment center.
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are they cat safe?
teufel will eat just about any plant i have in the house
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For colors, try this link: (Click on the LAUNCH COLOR VISUALIZER button on the left of the page.)
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! I'd go with off-white on the walls, perhaps ivory, beige, very pale yellow or apricot, i.e., "warm shades". When you say "first floor", do you mean "Erdgeschoss" (ground floor), or "1. Stock", the one above that? Are you going to be able to use cat nets in the windows? Or at least the removable frames with cat net?
Heather (Erika in German) would last throughout the winter. You can get it in all sorts of shades, not just shades of pink, but also deep purple and even yellow. That's what my husband puts in our window boxes in winter. You should also be able to get some mini conifers at a good garden center.
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the way the windows are i wont be putting nets on them because i never open the window fully anyway just at the top. You know how those german windows are that you can shut fully, open fully or have the top part of the window open?

i will see how teufel reacts with the windows and see if it is neccesary to put the nets on them

I think i will go to baummarkt to see what plants they have for the windows, i will take a pic tomorrow once the papers are signed, because if not we might just moved to the one above where the balcony is, THATS if his mother hasnt changed her mind again...

The kitchen is already apricot, his mother renovated the house not long ago but there is a kinderzimmer and i have to get rid of those kiddy things because its going to be a Büro/study
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im pretty sure those peace lilies are cat safe. i talked with someone about it awhile ago and they said it should have no problems. we also have them pretty high up so there is no way oscar can get to them.

oh and they also require very little sunlight to grow. we have them across the room from the windows.
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Congratulations Fran! This is exciting!
I don't have a green thumb, so I can't comment on the flowers/plants, only to say that herbs (aregano, thyme, mint) grow pretty good year-round if I'm not mistaken.

As far as colors, I'll say the same thing as Kelly and Tricia: light neutrals (off white, light yellow, beige, a light cocoa, etc.) are the best because they are light and warm and you can add punches of bright color through things such as blankets, pillows, and glasswork (vases, etc.).

This is such an exciting time for you and your fiancè. I can't wait to see pictures I hope Teufel does well during the move!
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I'm with neutral colours on the walls as well Fran, then Amy said add colour with your curtains, vases, cushions etc..
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Lavender is pretty and survives chilly winters!
Congratulations on the new place! You could try watching some home renovation shows or get a catalogue of places for sale and look at what other people have done for ideas and inspiration. Hope you love it!
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yes i usually watch the home renovation shows because they are one of my favourite things to watch

Thanks guys!

well i have an idea for the lounge/dining room

the dining room part where the wall will be will have the lower part in this reddish colour its like dark red/cherry? and then im going to get a medium sized paintbrush and dip it in white and swirl and stuff on top of the colour, so it will have a weird pattern? and the top half i will leave it white.
My dining table is dark brown and it matches red so i will get a weird reddish color (ive seen it but i have no idea what its called) dining cloth table that ive seen at Lidl, Then it will match the couches, but will have to buy a new coffee table, some lamps and a big thing to put the tv, books dvds, ect.. and i will be getting a new aquarium so i have the lounge room set except for the big (oh my god ive forgotten my english) thing where the tv goes!
i wanted something like this.
i hope it works.

Our bed just broke, so i might buy a new one unless bf decides to fix it, we will need a new waldrobe, the waldrobe we have now will go in the study and used as a coat hanger and shoe storer.

So really there isnt much to buy except for the tv thing, waldrobe, drawers, lamps, lights, oh and a new kitchen finally! and a cat tree of course!
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Originally Posted by fwan
Our bed just broke

Oh Fran, you're just ASKING for Ryan to make an evil comment with that one!!!
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Originally Posted by ugaimes

Oh Fran, you're just ASKING for Ryan to make an evil comment with that one!!!
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Good luck with the apartment!

Ideas for plants that would last the winter... you could get some long planters and just plant shrubs? They are very hardy and you can get so many colours of green that they look pretty together. You could also add a little fern tree and some ivy. I had shrubs in window boxes last winter and come spring planted them out in the garden - they are still there now. Just remember to water them....

As for internal decoration, I like neutral colours - creams, whites, pastels etc. If you have a base colour then you can always add stuff to go with it. From reading stuff before, you said you like Ikea? Well what if you look in an Ikea catalouge and see how they decorate the rooms in there. I am sure you will be able to get loads of ideas!

Make sure we have pictures please when you are all moved in and sorted!
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GooooooooooooooooooD Luck with the new Appartment dear Fran!

Are you thinking of some "Mexican" decoration? I mean real colours sooo strongs for example for the living room?...........

I figured Benja want to something more simple like white walls and some carpets on the floor...isn´t?
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Ben is not decorating, i have the job of doing so he is being beeetchey

No but it is okay, i have the living room sorted, from now on i will look in the newspapers for kitchens as i cannot afford to buy a brand new one unless its from a catalogue i can pay monthly.

Gilly yes i love ikea, but i just realised how bad most of the cheap things are
Im upset that the bed is broken, ben sleeps on the broken part, and during the night you will hear BOOM and the hard thing underneath that is supposed to support where you sleep goes in the floor but he still sleeps there... i told him we can remove it and just sleep on the matress on the floor but he said no he keeps on saying he will fix it, but its been 3 days now and i actually think its just never going to be!
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Originally Posted by fwan
i have the lounge room set except for the big (oh my god ive forgotten my english) thing where the tv goes!
i wanted something like this.
i hope it works.
I think Teufel is going to have fun climbing on the wall unit/home entertainment center.
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Originally Posted by fwan
Ben is not decorating, i have the job of doing so he is being beeetchey
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Hey Fwan!! Congratulations on the move!

As far as colours are concerned... you can do pretty much anything you like - but what you have to take into account is how big the rooms are and where the windows are. White is very stark and clinical, so just off-whites, pastel shades or even strong but bright colours can work. We've got bright yellow in our livingroom and that works pretty well. Stick to warmer colours, things with hints of red, yellow and certain shades of purple/lilac can be very effective. Mind you, if you find there is a room that is very small, paint it a shade of blue. Blue makes a room look bigger because it receeds from the eye. Reds draw the walls closer (hence the warm/cold colour theory) If you find that a colour is maybe a little darker than you wanted it, you can still make it look brighter simply by hanging a mirror opposite a window. That bounces the natural light around the room and makes it look brighter than it really is

Send piccies!
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hehe no worries, im not painting the whole house, im just testing out my arty skills which i should have done with this appartment..

well i will post pictures of what i mean. once im done with the house.

Im going to paint the bathroom bright green i think, unless if i remember correctly the bathroom is actually blue.
i will not have blue walls in any of the house unless i have a baby which is a boy or the bathroom.

I may have to paint the kitchen again although she has done it in one of my favourite colours not long ago.. it has to all fit with the kitchen i will buy.. (which is yet i have no idea!)
Thanks for the ideas guys, i hope it works out
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Originally Posted by jcat
I think Teufel is going to have fun climbing on the wall unit/home entertainment center.
i have been looking at buying that one for a while, but i hope teufel wont ruin it
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how exciting, fwan!
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