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I honestly felt some of the people who replied didn't see that the person said to me that she had tried other alternatives before removing his teeth. Her degree of trying? I don't know. I completely disagreed on some people's desire for euthanization rather than being toothless! That was a shock!

Some cat owners are quick to get their cat's claws removed and some try behavior modification. I am looking into ways to stop Emma from climbing up the back of my sectional couch to lay down instead of just hopping onto the seat like I'd like her to. Otherwise, she doesn't scratch up anything else!

I think I'll be more carful posting such a obviously touchy subject.

And lastly, I'm glad that the cat is alive and obviously happy, lisp and all.
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Hey! I let this thread get my goat too! Then I decided that people will just have to accept different opinions. That is the principle that Americans live by and I know that others do too. I just wanted to say that I hope to see your opinion in other threads. I'm sure that the responses were not intended to flame us or upset us. I feel it is very valuable By the way, checked out your wedding website- I wish we wouldve had something like that! If you need any pre-wedding advice, let me know. Bottom line- ELOPE :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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This is where I think ( A personal opinion), that some folks get to bent about the issue of declawing...

It is clearly one thing to know exactly what declawing is, know the serious effects it can have on cats, and still do it anyway..
People like that ought to have their own fingers cut off at the 1st knuckle.

But then there are loads of folks who simply just don't know, and think that declawing is taking the nail, not realizing what it really is. Hell, I didn't know the difference until I "got" informed from my own wife.

See, sometimes I think that we all, and yes I include myself in this, tend to forget that we were once uneducated pet owners at somepoint... perhaps not all, but a good percentage anyway. And then what do we do?? We start slamming people for being the same way we were... uneducated about the issue. And I know that im gonna get some dislike mail cuz of this but, c'mon, we can color it anyway we want, but people to get right out flamed under the "well I really wasn't doing that" statement.

I know for a fact that there are members of this site that have had their cat declawed, cuz they didn't know any better at the time, and yet, at times, they are one of the first ones to berat someone publicly (in subtle ways... sometimes not so subtle) for even discussing the issue.

I don't know, sometimes I think we need to look closer in the mirror of the past before we get on our high horses...me included..


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but i can honestly say that i felt sick reading this...how absolutely disgusting that this can happen...removing teeth? the vet should be put away for that.
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What would have you done?
If you wanted your cat to live, you tried all possible remedies.
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What I would have done is give it to the SPCA or a no-kill shelter. They would surely find a better home for him with someone who has more patience with him. There are other alternatives to putting him to sleep.
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Fortunetly I think that most vets don't just take teeth out simply at the owners request, although I'm sure therer may be a few out there that do. Teeth are removed ussually because of a desease of the gums (I forget the name), and for cats that are classified as "Rage Cats".
Those are Cats for what ever reason go into fits of rage and attack everyone in sight. Have been a foster home for feral cats, I know that you can clip nails so that they don't hurt, but a cat bite is painfull, not to mention very messy, what with the blood everywhere.
I'm certainly not saying that ferals should have their teeth removed, only that you can gaurd against deep scratches, but if a cat is going to bite, there's not much you can do.. now amplify a mad cat about 10 fold and it might come close to a rage cat episode.
So then you have a choice, you place the cat for it to become someone else's problem, you put the cat down, or you have the teeth removed.

Personally, Id rather have the cat alive..

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I have to agree with most of the others. It is a terrible thing to take away his defense. I am sure with as unusual as the action is that it was a difficult decision for the owner.
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You know, my kitty is a biter. He was feral and thinks he's playing. I think. But it does hurt. Sometimes he does it while you are sleeping, usually your nose. Occasionally the eylelid, which is really unpleasant. He also likes to bite toes, when sleeping or walking. He also scratches the heck out of me.

He still has his teeth and claws. It's not that big of a deal.

I am sorry to offend you, but this just seems horrible to me. And what kind of vet would do this? What does he eat? I would imagine not being able to eat any crunchy foods could lead to gum disease. I bet he still tries to bite her; I would.
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He apparently did some damage to her face at one time. He eats soft food and is no longer a biter.
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I guess I am on the fence on this case...On the one hand, I would NEVER do it to my cats(declaw or detooth) but I am very lucky that they dont scratch or bite at all. If your friend was seriously wounded by this cat more than once, and tried EVERYTHING to make it stop, I guess I can kinda see why she did it. Someone mentioned giving it up to a shelter, lets be real folks, who would take a cat that is vicious(sp?)even if it was a no kill, it would probably live out the rest of its days in cage, what kind of life is that??? It sounds to me like the cat is happy now,as long as it can eat and doesn't go out EVER.

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I have a cat that only has about 4 or 5 teeth, but only because hes old
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MissToviah, I wasn't trying to attack you, but for me, I just find that horrible. I have read all the posts, and I do agree that he bit as a result of declawing, which she may not have understood the consequences of. I simply think that this lady was uninformed about declawing and although you say she tried other methods, I just can't imagine how taking his teeth out ever came to mind. There are many ways to help a cat's behavioural problems, for example, many people here have talked about Dr Bachs as very helpful for 'naughty' or wild cats.

I suppose he changed his behaviour cause the poor thing is afraid of what she'll take next. However, I am glad that somehow the poor baby seems happy as you say.

Again, I am not trying to attack you or argue!
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Well, if this woman is an English professor, than I'm sure she is familiar with Flaubert's Madame Bovary . Remember what happened when the self-important doctor attempted to "fix" the club foot of the peasant boy? Please suggest to her to re-read that book and to think about that passage.
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