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I met a cat with no teeth

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My neighbor had all the front teeth from one of her cats removed. He was a biter. He literally just looked at you and then would chomp your face, she said!! So, she had his teeth removed and his whole personality changed! He doesn't try to bite anymore and isn't aggressive anymore. He's very talkative, too and has a lisp! I was amused!!
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No offense to you misstoviah but that's just horrible. Did the woman even try other things to keep him from doing this.
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I, too, wonder about that. How is he eating? A cat needs his teeth to eat and to defend itself. I agree with Sabra that other things could prevent the cat from biting. Another playmate, toys, etc. It is as bad as declawing!!!
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Oh my goodness! I've never heard of anyone doing this before, it doesn't seem very humane Did she have him declawed? Usually they resort to biting if they've had their claws removed. I'm with the majority here, thats pretty horrible thing to do.
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I'm glad YOU think it's amusing, but that to me is animal abuse. And I'll bet you anything she had it declawed too. Cats usually only resort to biting when they are declawed.

Animals were put on this earth LONG before we got here. And to do those kinds of inumane things to them for OUR convenience is appalling.

That is plain sick, disgusting and your neighbor has no business owning a pet.
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If the cat is both declawed and toothless, I hope he is indoors. He will never be able to defend himself now. I am still wondering about how he eats.
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Well, I'm assuming he eats canned food, I'm betting its not very comfortable for him to eat anything else, probably even impossible. What I want to know,besides what on earth that woman was thinking, is what kind of Vet would do that to a cat?!?!
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Yeah, what Melissa said!
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If I were a cat, I would rather be euthanized than have my claws, teeth or vocal cords removed. Teeth need to be removed for medical reasons only. Usually vets will only remove the fangs in behavioral cases.
Donna, as for the question on what vet would do this...Hell the vet I work with now had her cat declawed and the canines removed for the same reason. Same vets who recomend declaws, euthanizing for no reason and plain misuse of a veterinary liscense.
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Yes, I was thinking the same thing about the Vets yesterday. Only those eager for money would do such cruelty.
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OMG - how horrible - the poor baby - I am sure kitty had a good reason to bite. What else did the owner do to him????? Someone should pull all her teeth only give her mush to eat........She should be reported !!!!
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that is really, really sick.
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It was amusing simply for the fact he looks funny. He's very playful and meows a lot so you can see right in his mouth.

The woman used to be a vet tech and has a degree. She worked at a vet's office for some time before deciding to be an english professor. She is a nice woman. She has 5 cats and 1 dog. They all are inside animals and surprisingly, ALL the cats get along. They were all sleeping in one area when I went over to see her! All the cats are declawed. This cat was "de-teethed" because his behavior couldn't be modified any other way. She said she tried everything. It was biting her face and doing some dangerous damage. It was either that or be put to sleep. So apparently she tried the "de-teething" first. His behavior changed drastically and he became less aggressive. He's a great cat....very playful. He eats soft food. He has some back teeth. It's just the sharp front ones that are missing. I personally think that's better than being dead!!
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I don't think thats great at all. If she couldn't find a way to stop the cat from biting, then she should have given him to someone who is able to help him out. Biting is the only defense a cat has when his claws are gone. How can you say that it is better than being dead? The woman should look into other methods to cure a behavioral problem. Are her dogs debarked? With all the money spent on declaw and deteeth, I could use it for something better such as another cat or another thing. But not surgery!
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Well, the woman caused the problem herself by declawing the poor cat She then has him disfigured more because she can't modify a behavior she herself caused!!! If shes such a knowledgable person, ie a Vet Tech with a degree, then she should know better than to declaw her cats in the first place. The whole thing is just sick as far as I'm concerned.
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First of all, I'm glad the idiot changed her major to English.

Secondly, the reason why the cat bites is because she had his claws ripped out, which would alter his behavior dramatically, rendering him defenseless. And all, as Melissa pointed out, because she was the one who altered his behavior to begin with!!

Helloooooo?? Anybody listening??? So what does she do then? She rips out the only other defense mechanism he has left, his teeth. Show me the justification in that??

What's next, disembowelment when he begins having litterbox problems?

And you thinking it's "amusing" justifies it. I think not!

People like that make me sick to my stomach!!

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she DID try other methods of stopping his biting. I don't know what but I guess I could ask. She didn't want to put him to sleep. I think that if I would have posted "woman puts cat to sleep because he bites" would have been a lot worse.
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I'm being attacked because a cat's mouth looks silly and his meow is funny. I'd rather be alive (and obviously happy) with no teeth than dead!

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She removed his front teeth because he had a behavioral problem that she tried to solve. She didn't want to put him to sleep. He's a happy, energetic cat. I don't think dying would have been much fun and he's obviously happy and not suffering.

I only thought it was amusing because I've never seen a cat with a lisp.

Sorry to get everyone so upset.

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"the reason why the cat bites is because she had his claws ripped out, which would alter his behavior dramatically, rendering him defenseless. And all, as Melissa pointed out, because she was the one who altered his behavior to begin with!!"


If she hadn't declawed him, he wouldn't have a behavior problem. So she was trying to solve a problem that SHE HERSELF CREATED.

I am only trying to prove a point, I am by no means attacking you. What your neighbor did to her cats is not your fault.
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Point(s) of fact...

Cats do not need teeth to eat, not even to eat hard food. I know of several that have HAD to have their teeth removed for medical reasons and eat dry food just as well as those with teeth.

It is impossible to understand why a cat would attack things.. could be because of the declaw... but you never really know.. assumptions ought not to be made.

Declawing should be outlawed here in the States

As far as I read, Misstoviah was "amused" by the look of the cat, not by the act that created the look... big difference...

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Why bother getting a pet at all???
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Well, my kitty is down to about 4 or 5 teeth left in his mouth, and he does just fine. Yes- he is declawed, and no he didnt bite, but he had a bad vet who always said his teeth looked great. Come to find out- some of the teeth fell out and we had to get the others removed. I do feel bad for this cat, but it sounds like the owner was trying to help the situation. I understand that in many cases if you want to have a pet you must have them declawed. In my town, there are so many strays running everywhere- and there are limitations to what you can do to help the situation...I am aiming to keep my baby from being declawed, I have seen how it can hurt kitties...I just felt like I needed to put my 2 cents in..It may offend, but everyone sounded so upset with Misstovia.
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I personally don't think there is ever a valid reason to declaw a cat. If your landlord says you have to have it done to keep a cat in your apartment, then find the cat a new home, or don't get one in the first place. Its not a simple procedure..its agonizing and totally unneccessary. The thing that gets me is the people who get this done to their cat and then whine about the resulting behavioral problems. If people did a little research before they decided to declaw, they could save themselves a lot of trouble, and their cats a lot of pain. I have read plenty of horror stories and its just not worth it, especially since its often done to supposedly 'save' a stupid piece of furniture.
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Right on Mel!

Obviously Juicelyn didn't read my other posts. I specifically said I was not blaming misstoviah nor was I attacking her, I was merely trying to prove a point.

Geez, I guess selective reading has it's benefits.
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Unfortunately, I had my cat before my place to live, and I had to move and live in a hotel for a month. I guess you are right, I couldve given my cat to the humane society...I didnt have any options. I had to find a place to live and fast and unfortunately, everyone that I had ever known who had a cat declawed didnt have problems until after mine. So you'll have to forgive me for not being a guru on animals. Fortunately, I am a wonderful pet owner. I take my cats to the vet, I give them all the medical attention (at any cost) and I don't let them get run over by cars. I try to take in strays so that they have a roof over their head.

Regarding Misstovia, it appeared to me that she felt she was being attacked, so perhaps I wasn't the only one who read that. Sorry for offending you all. I see where my opinion is not quite accepted.
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It invokes so much passion for those who understand that declawing is a really hard thing for a kitty to undergo. It has in the past caused a lot of flames, and some hard feelings and each person is either on one side of the line or the other. There never seems to be any give or take in one direction when the two sides meet and angers flare and things are said in the heat of the moment. But, it has also sometimes manages to stop a person's desire to have their cat declawed because of opinions and testimony given to what it really does to the animal and so these types of posts do sometimes serve their purpose when it comes down to it.

No one on here considers themselves a cat guru, and we all make mistakes with our animal. The hope is that other people reading these type of threads that might be considering getting their cat declawed will see that there are other options available, whether it be natural wood or rope scratching posts or aversion training, or simply keeping the nails clipped short. Some of the hostility shown in the past is against the person who comes on here and basically says that their couch is worth more to them than their cats comfort, so they are going to declaw the cat. So cat owners get up in arms over the subject no matter how many times it is brought up, and some of the heat carries over to the new poster who is wondering why all the anger is suddenly directed at her. Why? Because some of us just fervently wish that people would educate themselves about the subject before deciding on it as a means to an end.

Here is a website devoted specifically on the subject of declawing so maybe you will be able to understand the uproar this subject causes here. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may want to steel yourself to see the photographs of an actual declaw in progress.Educate don't Amputate
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Jocelyn, please don't apologize for your posts...it's not necessary. I for one think it's wonderful that you love your kitties so much and try to help the homeless kitties.

I think there's circumstances for every decision we make, however, I too feel terrible that this happened. I think the vet could've mentinoned other alternatives...this is truly sad. It totally freaks me out how this vet can say...well, if I don't remove the teeth, then I'll have to put the kill the cat. I don't understand that rationale.

There's plenty of alternatives to this as well as declawing. I brush my cats teeth about twice a month. From what I've gathered they're prone to serious gum diseases. This is from what I've read and to be honest, I don't quite recall where I read it. Probably Cat Fancy or on the right here! I know Kadaffi, my 18 year old that passed away last February had only half his teeth left before he died.

I've noticed that there's been a number of newcomers that have not been exposed to the abuse of declawing and unfortunately some of them have already had the procedure done before coming here. They shouldn't be judged; at least they're here now to learn. Of course we can all be upset, but it doesn't change what's already been done.

If some of you feel that you've done the "right" thing by getting your cats declawed; then I don't have much to say to you about it, other than I wish you would educate yourself about the affects it has on cats. Most vets refuse to perform the procedure anymore; those with ethics anyway.

I hope in the future there will be laws to protect cats from this heinous act.

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Everyone, thanks for your comments. I hope that I wasn't misunderstood. I think that it is so sad that the poor kitty had all of his teeth removed for behavior. I also want to say that I appreciate all that you have taught me about declawing, I will not declaw again!

I just think that there are good/bad ways to educate and inform. Most people respond to positive communication rather than negative.

I am learning to be a better pet owner everyday. I appreciate learning things to make me a better owner. Please know that. I will only learn if there is information out there.

Thank you again for your informative website. These forums are an excellent place to share, I just hope it can be done in a positive manner. Thanks
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