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Question about cats with allergies

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Ok so while at the vet on Friday we learned that Max is probably allergic to something, which is why he pulls out his fur. The vet didn't know to what and said it would be difficult to figure out.

Anyway, Max got a steroid shot and since then, I've noticed a bit of a change. His coat, which previously was dandruff-y and always shedding, is in better condition. I could literally brush his fur for 5 minutes and a HUGE amount would come off... now next to nothing comes off. I haven't noticed him pulling out his fur but he's been spending more time in the upstairs bedroom.

My questions: would the steroid shot contribute to the better quality of his fur? And also, is it possible to figure out what he's allergic to *while* he's on the shot... or is the shot masking the effects so it won't matter?
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I am not a vet or tech .. but here are a few ??

How old is max??
When did this start??
what is he eating ?
have you changed anything in the house ... carpert tile new furniture??

steriods can mask allergies temp, by reducing inflamation
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Max is about 7 years old, we've had this going on since he first joined us, back in January. He's eating Nutro Indoor Adult... he used to eat simply Nutro Adult but no change between the two.

About changing... the only change has been Jordan BUT he was doing this long before Jordan ever entered our lives.
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has the vet run a senior panel?? if not I would ask one be done..

allergies can erupt from no where but not usually at this age oof kitty

as for dandruff try some extra oil ...
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This would be a bit of a pain, but ask if food allergies should be ruled out first. In case you haven't read this when I've posted it before, here is an article on hypoallergenic carbs for cats and dogs , and also goes over common allergens, chicken is one.
The article has been updated, and I do not see chicken mentioned, but I am sure this is one issue for some cats. Your vet could then guide you - usually it will be a prescription food by IVD - using a single protein and a single carb source (i.e. rabbit and green pea, or venison and green pea).

Or...check out Natural Balance's Venison and Green Pea (comes as dry and canned) which is specifically formulated for cats with food sensitivities.Natural Balance Page on their Venison and Green Pea dry
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I like the vesion and pea for a trail at food allergies
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Thanks Pat... my question is, would I have to wait to rule out food allergies until AFTER his steroid shot wears off?

sharky... no, no senior panel has been run and perhaps I will ask for one to be done while I'm there next time. The thing is, we don't know how long he's had these allergies... perhaps he's had them his whole life and that's why the previous owner gave him up? I mean, he's been having these problems since we got him...

I wish that food could be found in store... so tired of ordering things online, lol!
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I'd ask your vet, seems to me (but I may be wrong!) I'd go ahead with a change in diet while he has relief from the steroid shot versus waiting for symptoms to come back.
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Petco has it ...
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Originally Posted by sharky
Petco has it ...
Oh yeah? I thought I did a search and it didn't have any retailers. Well I guess I'll get to make a stop at Petco this week.
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
Oh yeah? I thought I did a search and it didn't have any retailers. Well I guess I'll get to make a stop at Petco this week.
Oh my local Petco has it too... I had just assumed (Oh I should know better..hee haw!) you weren't close to a Petco.

I need coffee
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Ha ha, I know the feeling Pat... I've been working the morning shift all week (4am-1pm) and am completely out of it all the time!

Anyway, I haven't gone to look at the food yet because... well, money is real tight. And stuff is disappearing... I think one of the cats stored 3 cans of wet food because they were on the kitchen table... and now they're not. Let's just saying I had 3 angry cats once they realized I didn't have any wet food for them!
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I have a cat who pulled her hair out for several years. A final conclusion never came about I just accepted her as she was. I did change her food to perfect health diet, only found through the internet at It helped some but not all her fur came back. Two years ago she had to have an ultrasound so her belly was shaved, that fur never came back.
This summer we have been letting her go outside on a leash while we are back there and a miracle has happened!!!!! Her fur grew back???? Reason is the SUN! Cats need vitamin D which they get from the sun. She is back to her beautiful self with fur back on her belly, sides and ears. I have to admit I miss her smooth 'baby butt' tummy. People think I am crazy, until they see her. Like I said previously, it has been years since she has had a full body of fur so people are shocked at how she looks. She is 16 years old and looks like it, her coat is not a shiny as before and she is skinny, 7 lbs. but she has her fur!!!!!!!!!!!
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That's interesting Nikki, and I'm so glad that you were able to figure out and help your cat regrow her hair! I think I shall look into that theory, however Max is a bit of a fraidy cat so I worry that he might get nervous going outside... however, I will start trying to leash train him and see what happens... it can't hurt right? Thanks for sharing your story!
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