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Spoiled Brats!

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Yesterday I splurged & brought home a big cat tree..they have been bugging me for quite some time, since they destroyed the last one!

Mini likes it already..

Skyler, determining that it's not food, moves on..

Tucker..Who is Top cat?

Mini claims that SHE is!!

Let the battle begin..

Tucker, always a gentleman, lets her have top spot..for now.

Perfect height for hugs, forehead kisses & belly farts!
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Wow that is neat !
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Hey! I got the same one in light green - it is their fav right now.
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Hey cool! I have the same one too! It is slightly darker than yours!

They look like they are enjoying themselves!

Congrats on the new tree!
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Aww, how nice! What beautiful kitties too! I love the battling picture.
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Wow! I wish we had more room for one of those.. I know my boys would love it!
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Great pictures!!! Love the tree! They sure do seem to love it!!!
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Aww, how cute!
Tucker and Mini remind me of Oliver and Emma
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ive never had a cat tree for my cats
the only thing i had thats kinda like a cat tree is a cheap scratch pole my brother nailed together
i realy want one but they prob wouldnt use it they never like things that i buy specialy for them
awesome pics tho (nice tree)
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They look like they're in absolute bliss!
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