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Fosters galore!!

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Had a phone call on Wed morning off my mum to say there was a stray cat hanging round near her work and could I do anything? Obviously i said yes, so early Thurs morning i went to catch the cat. She is roughly 2, recently spayed but not microchipped, has a lot of scratches (scab under her chin, near her mouth, some of her whiskers have been pulled out, a few on her ear), a weepy eye and when she was at the vets she sneezed a bit, so the vet thinks she may have cat flu. She is on antibiotics for a week to see how she goes. She is so friendly and affectionate, but is slightly underweight too, so we need to build her up a lot before we can consider rehoming her. I have contacted all but one of the local vets to see if she is on the lost registers, but she isnt, but the fact that she has been recently spayed is puzzling me.

Went to ring the charity i foster for to see if they would give me the OK to foster her (didnt want to do it before in case i either couldnt catch her or she was chipped), and she had had a phone call from her vet as a customer had been in asking to have her 12 year old healthy male pts. Luckily the vet refused and asked the charity to step in which they did, so he arrived at 7.30pm last night, and is soooo massive it is unbelievable. He is very affectionate though, but has been put on a diet, and he may end up being a long term foster, although we will advertise him.

Plus i still have my 10 month old foster who has been here for 2 months. This is the first time i have had so many fosters in one go, and have had to leave the youngest loose in my house till the oldie has settled in!!

Here are some pics of them

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Well, got a phone call off someone interested in Kaz, the 10 month old tonight, and she has now gone to her new home. Between that phone call and them coming however, i got a phone call asking if i could take on a 9 month old un-neutered male. After talking to the charity i foster for, i have got the OK to foster him as long as the woman sorts out the neutering first, so the lady will ring me when she has got him neutered, so i will be back up to three fosters!! The charity will have to provide a cage when i get this one though, until i know if he will get on with the rest of the cats here!!
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Are you limited to black and white fosters only, or did you just get lucky!?! Great news on your baby getting adopted. You rock as a foster Mom!
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Yeah! That's great, keep us updated. I'm fosterless right now and thus living vicariously.
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Must have just got lucky - i also have a black and white resident cat!!! Good job they all have different markings, otherwise i would be getting them mixed up!!! Cant wait to see what colour the next one will be!!

Eatrawfish - i was fosterless for a few weeks a couple of months ago, and i hated it, even though i had two cats of my own to fuss!! .
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Awwww, they are such cutie pies!!!
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