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For the most part, I'm right-handed. My boyfriend thinks I'm weird because I can use my mouse either right or left handed. At work, I use my right hand. At home, my computer is set up different and it's easier to use to mouse with my left hand.
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100% right handed!

My left arm is so weak because I do nearly everything with my right hand/arm...
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I'm a "south paw". I'm surprised at the poll results. I thought there'd be WAY more lefties than 5 on here! (Maybe not everyone took the poll?)

I do almost everything lefty....except cut w/ scissors. I think it was the peer pressure in elementary school. Remember those "lefty" scissors that had the green rubber handles? Well kids can be mean and if you had the "lefty" scissors you got picked on. "Look at Renee, she's got the snot green scissors! Booger girl!" LOL It's funny now, but not as a 6 year old kid it's not!

I agree with the gal who said....you don't even realize how difficult/awkward normal everday things to a right-hander are. Maybe that's why it took me years to learn to drive a stick! (Or maybe I just have bad hand-foot coordination.) And I guess it's not instinct for a "righty" to assess the seating arrangements before sitting down to eat with a crowd.

Just one last thing...."Right handed people use the left side of their brains. Left handed people use the right side of their brains. THEREFORE, left handed people are the only ones in their right minds!"


---Renee (Poncho & Minou's meowmy)
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Just have to add... I voted that I was right handed but I noticed that when it comes to driving, I'm ambidextrous. If I'm on the phone or drinking something, I'll drive with whichever hand I feel like... tho I think I prefer my left hand while driving.
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I do most things right-handed except I use my right for cutting when I eat as it's stronger.
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heheh I'm a leftie... well for most things. If I want to write with my right hand it has to be Da Vinci style and done backwards. That was kinda useful for diary entries Most things are made for right handers, though there is a store in London who cater strictly for lefties.... really useful to someone in the North of Scotland though!! Seems though that I managed to miss the toggle with my damned right handed mouse and voted for amidextrous instead of leftie. So there you go.... speaks volumes. For most things I jsut use whichever hand comes first.... though there are some activities where I am predominantly left handed.
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oh and by the way B.O.M..... I'm glad I'm not the only person with that problem with notebooks! Personally i always preferred the notebooks that are all joined at the top of the page!
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I'm right handed except when it comes to knitting strangely enough. Although unless I'm writing both hands are about equal. I just strongly prefer my right, that may be because it's what I'm used to using though.
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I'm right handed.
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