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Litterbox retraining

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Im curently in the process of "retrainng" my girl to use the litter box. She started urinating out of the box because she was sick. I found 2 spots where she went - one was a chair that has since been thrown out...the other is a spot on the carpet that I cleaning with Nature's Miracle.

My question...I have had her locked in a bathroom for 24 hours now. She has not had an accident anywhere. She has urinated 3 times in that 24 hours and defected once.

How can I be sure that she is really retrained and safe to roam the house again [the room where she peed will be completely closed off to her until I know the stains are gone].

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You say "because she was sick." Assuming that issue has been addressed, it sounds like you've done all the right things, and IMO it's time to let her out. I don't know of any way to really be sure other than to do that and find out.
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When my cat was peeing everywhere I really didn't have to retrain him at all.
After he peed all over at the vets, I took him home and he has been a good boy ever since. I imagine your cat should be o'key as well but of course I can't be sure.
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Thanks for the feedback.

We have gone to the vets and her anal sacs were impacted, she was constibted and a bit dehydrated. They checked for a bladder infection...but she was fine.

We now have her on a diet so that she can lose 1 - 2 lbs...my vet believes that will keep her from having anal sac issues again.

Thanks for the thoughts.

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