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At what time of day do you feed your cat?

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Is there any ideal time?

I usually feed mine at 6AM and again at 8.30PM. I'd like to feed them earlier in the evening, but when I do, they get me up at like 3AM meowing for their breakfasts.

What does everyone else do?
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ideal time is what kitty and you figure works for both as for this slave whenever they want..I feed about 8 times a day ..
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Twice a day, once in the morning around 8am, and then in the evening around 7 or so. And in between he gets tea time snacks sometimes.
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I feed them about 6:00 am and 5:00 pm.
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I usually feed dry food at 5:30 a.m., and canned at 5:30 p.m.. Jamie normally wakes me up around 5 or 5:30, and ZsaZsa shows up for breakfast around the same time, as her nighttime meowmy is an early riser (she eats at our house). Both cats usually eat their breakfast within about half an hour, but pick at their dinner over the course of about two hours. Jamie prefers dry food, and ZsaZsa spends most of the day outdoors, and supplements her meals with mice, rats, bugs, etc..
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Dry 24/7 and 1/2 can of wet when Loki wakes me 5-6AM and another 1/2 can when I come home from work 7PM.
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I leave my dry food out all day. With 13 cats in my house its a lil hectic making sure everyone eats lol... And then every other day I feed each one wet food!
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Since my guys are basement-bound at night (behavior problems around 4am, we don't have many other options) dinner time is the only way to get all 3 down there.. 8am and 11pm. 1/6 of a can and 1/8 cup each feeding, both are Innova lite.
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Our four can free feed on the dry food throughout the day, but I feed them a packet of moist food as soon as I get up (usually 5 to 6am). MommyCat feeds them another can or pouch around 2 or 3 pm.
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I free feed dry all day and give the 2 cats one bag of Nutro Natural Choice in the morning and in the evening.
They just eat gravy and leave the meat alone.
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Oliver wants nothing to do with wet food , so he doesn't get any... he's offered dry food 24 hours a day and takes a nibble now and then whenever he's hungry... he's got those feeders and waterers that look like office water coolers and they work quite well since I don't have to refill either every single day like I did when I used regular bowls... This also takes care of the 4 or 5am mewing for breakfast - no more problems there!
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The cats are free fed. But get a tsp or so of moist food either when I get up or when they are jumping around waiting for their treat.
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