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Purring already?

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Either I have finally been driven over the edge by my obssession with these foster kittens, or is the tiny , tiny little runt actually PURRING already? They are 2 weeks, and when I was giving him some one on one time with mom, I heard a very loud purring, I thought it was mom but it was coming from the other end! Can they purr that young? And so loud! This kitten is so little, he was even born with less fur than the rest!
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My babies purred that young, but only when feeding from momma and boy were they loud.
they are now 10 weeks and just started purring when I hold them, much louder than my 2 cats.
Isn't it wonderful lol
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yes, wonderful, especially since it is the runt! I almost lost him last week, he was too small to get into the fray and nurse. But now with KMR and lots of supervision, he seems to be doing well. But seriously, he is half the size of the rest!
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Kittens are so amazing to watch, especially the "runts". I'll bet she will catch up with the rest of the litter in no time..
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Sorry, he will catch up..
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You really think so? my vet says kittens are so resilient it amazes her, much more so than puppies. You wouldnt think so, the way we watch so many die. My devoted little cat Gina was a runt and I really didnt think she would make it. She had the herpes virus. But she was a fighter! Now she is 3 and very healthy and happy, thanks to a holistic vet and my loving care I guess.
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Yes my small premie that weighed only 2.0 oz. purred for me the last few days of his life. It was one of the most wonderful sounds from something so small I have ever heard.

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Yes they can purr pretty much from the day they are born
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My 8 foster kittens will be 2 weeks tomorrow. Several of them started purring several days ago while nursing.
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