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Hey Debbie, Send over the recipe. I am going to buy the chicken.(maybe I will impress my mother who is also a fan of chicken wings)

I remember when I was living there, me and my friend would often go to the pizza place. Charge us only 50 cents for a slice of pizza and a drink. We would play arcade games(they had space invaders then) then eat the pizza. Sometimes we would eat the wings.

Were you ever a fan of the Buffalo Bills? I was! I want to go! Have you been to Niagra Falls? Beautiful place!
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BIG Bills fan unti this past season.......treated a few old time players dirty. And Flutie....what can I say? Love the little General!

How about Transit-town Plaza on Main and Transit? And then the big mall went in - what was the name of that? it was HUGE! Oh, It was Eastern Hills Mall....

THE Recipe: sooooooooo easy!

Your wings, cleaned and thawed.
Deep fry till crisp.

While frying the wings........
In a tupperware container, mix the Original Hot Sauce with a tad of melted butter. The more butter, the milder the mixture. Add a few shakes of paprika. When the wings are fried to crispy, drain them and immediately dump then into your container with the sauce. Shake like crazy and dump out on your plate. Serve with celery and Blue Cheese dressing....... YUM YUM !

You will have to experiment with the hot sauce and butter mixture to get the flavor you like the best. For super hot - use no butter at all and add a dash of hot pepper like tabasco too.........

Good luck and let me know what you think!
Chef Deb
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What kind of original hot sauce? Tabasco? Or what brand?

I really don't remember the mall or the center of town. I do remember the Tops markets. Or was it Bell? I only lived in Buffalo Until 1982. Then we moved to Utah. It was funny though, because after moving from Buffalo and the big storm, I stayed in Buffalo to finish the school year and there was news that Salt Lake had a big flood! Nothing serious were my parents lived.
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OOPS..forgot! I use Frank's original hot sauce......any of your fav's will do though. Tops markets are still around. Also - I think they still do have Bell markets. Sounds familliar. Haven't lived there is a long time though......

CK- FingerLakes are a beautiful area.......
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I didn't know Bell's Market was a chain. I used to live off downtown Beverly, MA and I shopped in a Bell's Market and I LOVED it. Between them and the health food store across the street, I could walk to just about any food I wanted. I couldn't believe how varied the selection was at Bell's. But I always thought it was a local one-off kind of thing.
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