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For me it's a toss-up between cookie dough and peanut butter cup. It'd be great if they could be mixed.

My friend works at a local deli and he got the inside word from a coworker that our local Dairy Queen has roaches. They even scoop roaches out of the ice cream and use the ice cream anyways.

I don't think this is enough to stop me from going there but then again, I haven't been craving Blizzards lately.

Note: This info does NOT apply to all DQ's.

Just the one in my town.
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Like many other restaurants, DQ is a franchise and it depends on how well the owner of the franchise takes care of the local stores. Luckily, ours is clean (or it looks clean )
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Their basic chocolate chip is mighty fine -IMO. Been a while since i've had one, too. But lately we've been stocking up when groceries have specials on ice cream. Have about 3 half gallon cartons in the freezer right now. (MOm is the major ice cream eater. Will want it when it's sub-zero temps outside!)

BTW - the nearest DQ is closed for remodeling. How's that for cruel and inhumane treatment!
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I like the M+M mix, although the closest one is about 12 miles away, and between home and DQ, there is a Frozen Custard place. Now, I don't know how it happens, but my car just turns into the Custard place!!!
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YUM - Frozen Custard
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Another vote for the French Silk Pie!! Yummy!! ( I really want a Blizzard and I'm stuck at work.)
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I love M&M with choclate ice cream although now I like Strickland's frozen custard by us.

Love ice cream!

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Toss up here between Heath and Oreo .......wonder how they'd be mixed........
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Originally Posted by mferr84
umm... i have never ate at a dairy queen

but it sounds good!
I have only had a banana split and a sunday from DQ Hmmm Blizzards are starting to sound really good
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Over here there's something similar to a blizzard called a Concrete- but it's made with frozen custard and really sticks to you! mm.. When I was quite small I liked the oreo the best but these days I like coconut and chocolate chips in sweet cream if they have it!

Goodberry's kicks DQ's butt any day!
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I've never had a DQ Blizzard, but when I was in college the local ice cream shop (Thomas Sweets) made blend-ins, which are similar. The best was raspberry fudge truffle ice cream with raspberries and dark chocolate pieces
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My faves are oreo, peanut butter cup, and cookie dough. Never in chocolate ice cream though. I cant stand chocolate ice cream. Bleh. Too... sweet... ick. Whenever I see someone eating one of those chocolate with fudge and brownie and such ones, I feel sick. I dont get an oreo blizzard from DQ though, I always go to Culvers to get one (Its a place that is a big chain and I suppose they make food that is more grilled like I suppose, like the old restaraunts that served ice cream and big juicy burgers. anyways.. they serve custard and I love a nice concrete custard "shake" with oreo in it. The only thing better are their waffle cones. I love myself a double dipped dipped cone from DQ. I always get vanilla ice cream with butterscotch dip. Yum.
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We don't get Dairy Queen here. You do realise I'm just going to have to visit the US again so I can try these yummy sounding concoctions . Unless anyone wants to send one through cyberspace
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And here I was thinking there was more snow pictures...

Cookie dough icecream?? OMG - that sounds heavenly. Swedish icecream is so boring, I laughed when the main icecream company in sweden put out advertisments on tv at the beginning of summer about its exciting new variety - VANILLA LIGHT!
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Sorry about the vanilla
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Never had one
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Laugh if you must but when I read this thread I thought - well we have some incredible blizzards in Canada too - like White Juan that hit Halifax so named because we;d had a hurricane named Juan that devistated the city and then the same winter, a nasty blizzard that was dubbed White Juan and I have so many pix of it. Anyway, imagine my surprise when you are talking DQ Blizzards, lol ( I prefer McD milkshakes or Starbucks Caramel Frapp.
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I feel sick after reading this thread!
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Chocolate Brownie!
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