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cats hate each other after month and a half

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Please help. I think we rushed the process of introducing a four month old kitten to my 10 month old cat. We separated them for a week and now no matter what we do the new cat continues to attack the older cat and they've been together for almost two months. Both cats are declawed so they are not hurting each other, but the younger one wants to play way too rough. Is it too late to reseparate them and start the introduction process over? The older cat hates the new cat and stays hidden all the time now. Please help our cats learn to get along.
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I would reccomend re-separating them and starting the process over again, very very slowly. There is an article on the site about introducing cats that I found very helpful when introducing Oliver to his new "sister" Emma. At least separate them temporarily to give the older cat a breather from the young guys play.
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Even though they are declawed, they still have their teeth!
It sounds to me like this is a "dominance" issue. Even if you start the reintroduction again, you will still have some "rough housing" between them. Pity that they're declawed. Your older cat would have already "taught" the young one how to behave with a good swat!
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I would try a partial re intro ... My girls took six months
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Thank you all for your responses. I just returned from the vet and come to find out the older cat had feline leukemia. It is possible that this is why she was so intolerable. However, she is much better off now. I had her put down. With her being so sick it wasn't fair to make her suffer any longer with the illness or the kitten. Once again, thanks.
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I am so sorry to hear of your kitty's death!!! I know how taumatic that must be!

I hope the kitten will be OK - have her test results come back yet? Hopefully, she did not bite the kitten and thus pass on the disease.

Keep us updated! I am not sure I;d say problem solved but what a way to have it happen, sigh!!
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Abbiageal was the name of the cat that had Leukemia. Miles is the younger cat. He is doing well. His test came back negative and he had already gotten his vaccinations before we adopted him. He seems to be okay. He's just not playing as much any more. Once things have settled a little and the bank account recouperates from her illness, I will probably look into getting another cat for him to play withm but I am taking things slow and just spending a lot of time with Miles for now.
Thanks for your concern.
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