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Anybody else remember...

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...those "King's Quest" computer games?

they used to be my favorite games growing up. I can remember being in grade school when I played King's Quest I. It was such a novelty! You could actually have the guy walk around and do whatever you told him to do.
The problem was there was no way to pause the game. I can remember my poor guy drowning a few times because he fell in the water and I had to look in the dictionary to find out how to say "swim" (I barely knew any English back then). By the time I found it, it was too late
It was really hard to finish so we had my dad look inside the programing file to find out how to finish it.

After that I played King's Quest IV, V, VI and VII. I tried the VIII briefly but it was really bad. It actually had violence in it. You actually had to walk around killing people and animals. Not that I am opposed to violence in video games but it just didn't fit the spirit of King's Quest.

I just found out that some people are working on an unofficial King's Quest IX. Seems like it'll be just like the originals. Can't wait to see that.
It's so hard to find computer games like that anymore...
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I loved them. I played 4-7 as well. I also loved Myst. I have Riven and the newest one but these days I don't have any time to play them.
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Yes! I remember those! If you liked those, you'd love Neverwinter Nights.
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