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Emergency Please Help-animal Advocates???

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I adopted a momma cat and she was pregnant-long story (posted about it a few weeks ago)

PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!! I am in dire need of direction and advice!!! I will post as little as I can so i may get response asap!

MOMMA cat delivered a litter of kittens while i was on vacation! HUBBY let her out! SHE was in labor on the 8th of JULY and went missing for 6 days! SHE came home malnurished and without babies! HUSBAND did NOT advocate for her! BUT he did follow her and she jumped into a yard with 2 GIANT DOGS that are WILD and risked her life to scury down under a HOUSE in the CRAWL SPACE!!!! THERE SHE HAS BEEN OFF AND ON!!! I CAME HOME LATE LAST NIGHT and need help!
HUSBAND talked to owner of house and he didnt CARE about the babies or my cat!!!! HE told hubby he would help him and WILL NOT ANSWER HIS DOOR! My dear sister even left a note for him 3 days ago and he will NOT call her or answer his door to her!!!
WHAT CAN I DO TO GET THOSE BABIES OUT???? and help my momma kitty to saftey!? I do not know if the babies are alive any longer because her nipples seem to be engorged in the back, but it is very obvious at one time she WAS nursing the there IS-WAS life!!!! I AM SO UPSET!


I need to save MY MOTHER AND HER BABIES TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you!
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I'm so sorry for your situation, I hope it works out.

I really don't have any advice except to keep trying to get the neighbour to let you into his yard so you can rescue these poor kitties.
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You really don't have a lot of options:

Unless you get the local authorities involved, any attempt to rescue the momcat and the kittens could result in legal implications for you (arrest for trespassing)

If your neighbor is one of the many cat haters on the planet, then the only thing you can do is to try and appeal to the good side of him. Ask him to contain the dogs somehow while you crawl under the house to see the kittens- but understand that once you have found her nest, mom will move her kittens, and she could also attack you.

It's not a good situation at the moment- and chances are good the momcat is pregnant again.

Set out kitten chow and water outside your home in a safe area and be sure she has access to get there safely. Trust that she will bring the kittens to you when they are old enough to eat on their own,and trust that once they are old enough and she recognizes the dangers in the yard, she will move them to safety.
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A plea for help to the local newspaper or broadcast station couldn't hurt, no one likes bad press, and they may be able to get the police and animal control to help you.
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Well, if the cat is yours, then you can perhaps get help from some sort of authority in retrieving YOUR cat back from their premises. If you make it clear that the cat is yours, perhaps it will become a matter of property dispute - if being nice doens't appeal to your neighbor, maybe being aware that he's keeping your pet against your will will do the trick.
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I would risk the dogs and go find the kittens. Go in the yard while no one is home with some food for the dogs. While the dogs are eating go get the kittens. People that hate cats that much deserve to go to jail. Your neighbor is commiting animal cruility. If he calls the police dont worry. I am sure that they will understand and agree with you and maybe place him in jail.
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I don't think that is a good idea, Molly could be seriously injured by the dogs, besides that would be trespassing. If Molly ends up in jail, she won't be able to get the kittens out of there safely.

Call the police and ask for assistance in getting to your cat. If that doesn't work call your local radio and television stations and appeal to them to run your story on the news, that might work.

I hope the kitties are OK.
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wonder what happened? what an awefull person that neighbor is. id like to have a word with him if I could.

i woul MAKE SURE this man gets on the local news whatever happens. i would find a police officer just off the street and try to get him to help.
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THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR ADVICE on getting my kittens from under my neighbors house! I had a GOOD conversation with that neighbor and he was willing to help me! My sister's 15 year old son rescued the babies late last night in 100 degree weather! There are 5 and they are ALIVE and apear to be healthy! MOMMA cat is so happy to have them safe and nursed them all night long!

THANKS AGAIN for your advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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what marvellous news!!! GOOD WORK!!! keep us posted on how they are going!!
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Excellent, I'm happy for all of you!
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wow, thats a miracle! Please make sure you find extra special homes for the little ones or better yet adopt them all yourself.
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Glad it had a happy ending but please keep momma indoors from this point forward until she is spayed. She can be spayed once the kittens are 6 weeks of age. Here is a list of low cost clinics in Idaho:

PAWS for Life Inc
Boise ID
For pets of local residents with financial need.
Bonneville Humane Society
PO Box 2763
Idaho Falls, ID 83403

Humane Society of the Palouse
2019 White Avenue
Moscow, ID 83843
Discounts for residents of Latah or Whitmany county.
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Do you have any suggestions for Iowa?
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Originally Posted by notme1295
Do you have any suggestions for Iowa?
Are you asking for low cost clinics?

Quad City Animal Welfare Center
724 West 2nd Avenue
Milan, IL 61264
Serving surrounding areas in Iowa and Illinois, Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, etc. Low costs for spay/neuter, tests, and vaccinations.
Humane Society of Scott County
2134 West River Drive
Davenport, IA 52802

Animal Protection Society of Iowa
Des Moines IA

Noah's Ark
PO Box 748
Fairfield, IA 52556

Muscatine, IA
Helps pay for spay/neuter of pets of people who have low incomes.
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Like I said, sometimes you just have to appeal to the good in people and even bad people have their good days. I am glad you rescued them and they are safe.I hope her her sake the momcat is not pregnant again, but she very well could be. The go back into heat 24 hrs after delivery.
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Fantastic news, I'm so glad they are all alive.
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I am very glad the kittens are ok now. I am not too impressed with your husband. You definitely need to work on helping him understand what it means to be supportive of his wife's needs.
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I am so glad to hear a happy ending!
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Oh what excellent news!! Thanks for the update.Woo hoo!!!
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