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Debby, I just read about Sheena, and I, too, am glad she will be okay. I have two dogs Princess and Charley Me Boy. They are both mixed and pound adopted and both look to have some shepherd influence. They are very special and have had their share of close calls and late nite vet trips, but it is worth the expense. I know some people don't believe like this, but I feel that God has a special love for all his creatures. I know Catarina agrees with me. After all, He created them before man! My Pastor says that there will be no animals in heaven because they have no souls, but that's okay because we will only be in heaven for 7yrs for the "Marriage Supper of the Lamb" and then we all return to the New Earth for eternity and animals will be here with us then. Okay, so now you all think I'm even nuttier than you suspected. God bless you and Sheena (Queen of the Jungle)
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Naaaa, I don't think your nutty...at all!!! I think you are a christian!!

And Catarina...is bufbod your nickname on AIM? I will e-mail you mine.

You both are wonderful!!!
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Glad your dog is doing O.K. It sounds like most of the people on the cat site are dog people, too. I know I am absolutely crazy about my dog. She is a mixed breed hound of uncertain parentage (knew her mom but, who knows who her dad was?). She is so sweet and truly fun to have around. She is so good to the cats and they all seem to like her-some more than others! I wouldn't trade her for the world and we plan on putting an electronic fence in this spring so that she can run and play in our yard but, not get up to the main road which is extremely busy. Couldn't stand for anything to happen to her.

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Thank you Kaaren....I know how you feel! It is awful when something happens to them...we do love them so much.
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