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They grow up so quickly. Such a little cutie.
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Ari, he's so adorable!! What a handsome little guy!!
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He's still just as cute as ever!!! He sure does have long little legs!!
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He has the loveliest face, reminds me very much of our rescue from several years ago - a blue tabby with a white tipped tail whom we call (lack of originality here) Tippy.
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He's looking like he is going to be a loonnng kitty, Ari!!! What a cutie!
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Thanks guys and yes, he is rather long! Comes in handy for when he wants to beat the other cats to be first for the wet food!
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How are the three of them getting along now?
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Beth... things are getting better. There are still spats between Baylee and Jordan... they tussle on the floor, there's hissing and growling... but nothing violent or scary, just frustrating, really. I really believe that Jordan sees Baylee as a toy to chase and pounce on and Baylee, taking after Max, just wants to spend some time lying by the window, catching some sun. Max is doing really well, knows exactly how to handle Jordan and therefore isn't stressed out or scared of the little guy at all... I'm very proud of him. And of course, Baylee and Max are good buds now.
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Awww Ari, Jordan is such a lovely looking kitty - he's getting so big as well!

He's adorable . Purrs and headbutts to Bay and Max too
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aww!!! Ari, he's getting so big! And even cuter, too! He's so handsome! I'm so glad you posted more pics. I'm also happy that things are going well with the kits!!!
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aww... Ari!! I know I'm really late but I just caught up with this thread! Congrats on the new furbaby.... He's adorable!!!
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Oh my gosh, three tabbies in one house....
And I thought one was bad....
You have my sympathies!! hehe
They are so cute!!
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I think updated photos are needed !
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good grief, i totally missed this - he's adorable! you're now the meowmy of the tabby trio, huh?
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