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Satey is OK

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I just got Sateycat back from the vet. We took him in this morning to finally have the cyst removed from his neck and have a teeth cleaning. We drove all the way over to Bakersfield (40 miles) in the fog at 7AM. My mom woke up this morning with a feeling of dread (maybe something to do with the 78-car accident yesterday due to fog) but I insisted that Satey NEEDED to have that big ol' cyst taken off his neck and I stalled too much already. See, I was so nervous about having him put under. He's 9 years old and slightly overweight. The vet in town doesn't have the ability to use gas anesthesia so I called around Bakersfield to find a good vet. We had him done at Stockdale Veternary Hospital, which is referred to on our town's vet's answering machine if you call after hours. I was so happy with this place. It's nestled in a darling little suburb and the staff is very friendly. I also loved the fact that they have 3 resident cats that live in the office and greet visitors. They were all abandoned and I just thought it was so sweet that they kept these cats. The vet was a very kind man who really seemed to love my cat. I just felt so good about this place.

Anyway we picked Satey up at about 3:30 this afternoon and he seemed to be out of it, but when he got home he wanted to eat and now he's all over the house. His teeth look good, his breath smells nice, and he's got 4 stitches in his neck below his ear. He's also shaved around the insision and also in another spot on the front of his neck (can anyone tell me why?) so he looks a little funny, but he is doing fine.

I just wanted to share. I was a little anxious all day and now I feel really happy. I think I'll continue to use Stockdale Vet Hospital for all my vet services.
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That's super duper news! I'm sure its such a relief having found a compassionate vet..Kinda makes it worth the drive!

Glad to hear Satey is already doing well! Keep us posted on progress.

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Gosh I just love it when you find a REAL good vet! I'm so glad everything worked out well for you and Satey.
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I am thankful that Sateycat is back home and all snuggled in! Sounds like you had quite a day for yourself. That car accident did look bad. They had it on the National news here. Glad you did OK!

Could the other patch be wehre they had an IV in or gave her a shot? Don't know - just a guess!
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I'm happy to hear he took the whole thing so well. I always get nervous anytime one of my cats get put under. Him bouncing back so quick is a very good sign!!
My guess on the neck may be that they did a blood draw. It's usually the best place to get blood from a cat. Although I have never seen a vet do this, it may be where they put the IV.
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Hey there! :angel2::daisy:
That's great news, I'm so glad he's doing well! I know how it was when Opie went in for surgery...I was really scared about the anesthesia too. I think Sandie's definitely right about the other area where they shaved him, but Opie didn't have any shavings around his neck. It could be that since it was in the same area, they chose that place. Opie had the whole side of his rear leg shaved so maybe they stuck the IV there...I'm sure he'll tell ya if you ask him.

Sounds like you made a good choice! If he's bouncing back already, you've got yourself one strong kittycat!

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I'm so glad Satey's doing well! It must be nice to have him home again and by tomorrow he'll be pretty much himself again. Yay!
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Oh I'm so glad everything went okay!!! I'm sure you are releived to have him back home and healthy again!!!
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