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In the hospital where I work every couple of months or so the women's auxillary have a little kind of fete thingy where you can buy little cakes and clothes and knick-knacks. I always try to get something partly to help out and partly cos shopping is just a complete addiction for me!

Well, on my way to get the morning double soy latte (lol) I noticed a really groovy coat hanging on one of the racks - pink kind of Chanel-style (you know, the tweedy look?) three-quarter length, fully lined and from Harrods!! It fit me perfectly and it was...wait for it...


Woo hoo! Now that has made my day...
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OH! What a bargain! Enjoy it, Sarah!
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Awesome!! Did you ever hit it lucky!
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Oh, I love a bargain, too! Congrats!
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I love bargin shopping
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ooo i love bargain shopping! i found this really nice top, priced at 79 dollars down to 19 dollars!!!! its a linen sweater, perfect for those not yet warm days when I arrive in kiwiland!
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Ha good stuff. I am planning to go to the local good sammies when I get paid and see if I can pick up a nice skirt for work - all the old styles are coming back in and I think they are really funky.
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ahh we call them the good sallies
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wow that was a deal
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