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Why isn't my kitten growing?

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Does this make sense? I took Rambo in to be neutered today. He's just about 5 months old (by all estimations). I got a phone call that the vet was worried that Rambo was showing signs of being too immature for the regular anaesthetic and they were going to put him under with a faster acting medicine (that cost $20more). Since i was away from my desk and didn't answer the phone they went ahead and put him under.

The doctors concern was that in the last month (since his last checkup/vaccination June 9th) Rambo's adult teeth haven't progressed and they were concerned his liver and other organs might be in similar condition. Any idea why that would be? When i got him he was the brute of the litter and his testicles dropped on schedule but now he seems stalled. Did i take an unnecessary risk getting him neutered already? Why isn't he growing/maturing?
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sending a prayer for answers ... and bumping this thread up
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thank you very much for you prayers.
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