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New Shelter Animal Pics

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Hi, my previous thread has broken links because I moved around pics in my photobucket
So here's a few new pics I took during the heatwave yesterday lol

First.. Puppy pics!!!
It is puppy season so there's loads and they are all in my yard muwahahaa

They aren't great pics, the humidity was messing up my camera.

This little one was found roaming a forest

This guy was found on the Curragh, a famous huge expanse of lowland.


It is wrong that these animals spend their puppyhood in a shelter...
and you can always see it in their eyes.

And then.. just while I was melting in the heat I saw some birds who had the right idea lol you wouldn't believe the amount of birds that feed here, they line the gutters waiting for bits in tinned and dry food to fall on the ground,.
There are enough of them that we can throw bowls of old uneaten food onto the ground and it'll be cleared within an hour.

Then some kittys..

The hard knock life of a shelter cat...

1 hour later...

3 hours later..

1 hour later.. with dani the little deformed collie. Someone asked how do the dogs get along with the cats.. well you can see mr purdy couldn't care less about dogs lol

And a cat I didn't take a pic of before.. pretty Maria

Hope you like
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What a big heart you have to take care of these animals. They are all so adorable.
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Like?, i love them!!

I've got to send these pictures to my sister if thats ok with you?. She lost her German Shepherd of 12 years last year and is having a tough time getting over it

I've tried to get her to get another, but she said she's not ready yet, but i'm sure seeing other dogs and puppies will make her re think.

Those dogs look so friendly as well bless them

And i love those of Mr Purdy How laid back can you get!

Little Marias a sweet little thing as well! Whats her background?
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Oh I love all these pics Where abouts is your shelter in Ireland?

Btw, even though you think the puppies look sad cos they are in a shelter, at least they are safe now and they have all the other pups and kits to play with
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In kildare

Yeah you can send the pics
I don't know marias background, she was one of the cats there when I started and never got around to asking.. I will now
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