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so not that this might affect anyone at all. but i posted a bulletin about my kitten puking and what not. well hes puked more since and im taking him in today at 4:30 to a vet and im very nervous and scared its not just a flu. i barely have enough to pay for his exam and i cant pay for any x rays right away. rivers pooped, eaten, puked, i've forced water through a eye drop to him. im just scared and i dont want to end up crying at the vet. for all i know he DOES have the flu. but..what if i have to shell out 2000 dollars or something for surgery? i dont know how much surgery costs. i wish they had some sort of help payment thing for this it sucks. all i can think about is his appointment thats 3 1/2 hours away and i just want to know what the vet thinks. he shows no signs of sickness (runny nose, discharge in nose/eyse, his ears arent warm, no diarhrea. has he just become bulimic? my friends cat pukes all the time and theres nothing wrong with him. they have had him for year and their cat just 'pukes' randomly. hes alive and well. god this suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. i'll post after 4:30 vet apt to update if anyone wants.
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I understand the fear, but relax! Blowing everything up in your mind and worrying will only make you feel sick yourself, and not help the kitten at all. It may even make him feel nervous too! Taking him to the vet is just the right thing to do, there is nothing else you can do right now. Try to distract yourself, maybe play with your kitten.

Take it one step at a time. Go see what the vet says, and take it from there.
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Sending lots of good luck and health vibes your way for you and your little guy. He's darling. I hope all goes well and will check back later after the appointment to see your post on what the vet says. Good luck
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thank you! yea im hoping its nothing. just after talking to some of the receptionist about pricings and stuff. im just a college person im not like older with an actual job. but i get money through veterans program thing soo..i'll do whatever it takes to get him back to normal i just might have to sell my liver or soemthing lol. i'll write more later. thanks again

ps. my friend just told me that theres a kitty virus going around in the area..?? so maybe its just that?? who knows..
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You poor thing! I'm sure everything is going to be ok. Pepper and I are sending lots of good vibes your way.
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Sending good health vibes to your kitten. Keep us posted on his condition.
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Hope your kitty's problem is a simple one to deal with. Meanwhile, try to stay calm -- for him as much as you Keep us posted.
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Keeping yourself upset wont help matters...stay calm until you know for sure what you need to do....please keep us posted!!!
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WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...so..just what i thought...nothing that serious..at least so far..dr. said hes not blocked cuz hes eating (also poops) still tho, not drinking water but i put that in his food and force it through a dropper for him. no other funky thing. i went in thinking i'd pay 37 for a checkup and walked out with a 62 bill., he gave river some sort of antibiotic shot. he didnt have worms. its just annoying cuz tomorrow i have to go back and get ANOTHER shot, 25 bucks, and like charged for a dam visit again, 27 bucks. i mean crap im not rich. i cant throw down 100 bucks just to know its not serious. i just hate how the vets have their sneaky money making ways. i didnt realize the tiny ass dose of a shot was 25 freakin bucks. i paid less for a dam rabies and booster for my dog! whatever makes him stop puking i guess..but still..dam capitalism..!! so no worries. at least for now. i dont want to sound insencere, but when your in college and and not making the huge mula, you wouldnt mind a few options, they could have asked if i wanted to get that shot, i mean if river could have lived without it..then i would have freakin passed i just wanted to cross some worries off the list!
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I'm really glad to hear it's nothing serious. River is absolutely darling. I'm sorry to hear about it costing so much though. Hopefully it will all work out okay for you.
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Originally Posted by goosehazel
Sending lots of good luck and health vibes your way for you and your little guy. Good luck
....((((((((good vibes)))))))) on the way!!! ...
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If the vet sends you away and tells you to return tomorrow for another shot, I don't believe you would have to pay the fee for a general office visit again. I have had that happen to me several times (when I had to return the next day or a couple of days later for a follow-up shot). If they try to charge you for a second office visit, where it is just a follow-up shot, bring it to the Dr.'s attention. I don't think they should charge you.
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yes! i wish i had read that one post earlier (about bringing it to the dr. attention for the dam price) but..altogether. 114 bucks isnt that bad. so help a little one, lol. luckily they didnt like give me anythign else to give him. and i actually got a kitty pack with one thing of revolution! but im having trouble dividing the fur on river and getting him to stay still. but i might call the vet and see if they can help. cuz i dont want to scre it up and like waste this free thing of revolution! haha
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