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Spouses That Don't Like Cats

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This morning my poor hubby I think he just had it. All three of the cats were in our small bedroom when he was trying to get dressed. He almost sat on Lil, Dil was in one of his shoes, and Pearl was just running around manic as always. He just looked at me and walked out of the room. Sometimes I feel sorry for him ... sometimes. Anyone else have a spouse that isn't a cat lover?
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.......I figured the scene!!!! ....Poor Hubby! ......
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Thankfully, no.
Animals have always been a big part of my life, I could never be with someone that didn't feel as I do about all living things.

It is true though, cats love to gravitate to people that don't care for them.
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Originally Posted by kittymommy
This morning my poor hubby I think he just had it. All three of the cats were in our small bedroom when he was trying to get dressed. He almost sat on Lil, Dil was in one of his shoes, and Pearl was just running around manic as always. He just looked at me and walked out of the room. Sometimes I feel sorry for him ... sometimes. Anyone else have a spouse that isn't a cat lover?

I wouldn't feel too sorry for him..your furbabies are a big part of your life. The way I see it when my kitty gets on my nerves is that at least I'm blessed enough that he is still here to get on my nerves!
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My hubby loves the cats.
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I had a boyfriend once that finally admitted that he didn't like the birds or the cats - wanted me to get rid of them for him. Yeah right, got rid of him instead.
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My hubby didn't want to get cats originally. My boss (their mama's owner) had to literally bribe the guy before he would agree to it! We've had them for about a year now, and a few months ago, he finally agreed with me that they're great, so much fun, and that he's happy they're around! He said a couple months ago (for the first time) that he loves them...it was so sweet to hear! It's not like he ignored them, or made it clear he didn't like them, necessarily, just that I could tell he was kinda tolerating them for a while before he was willing to admit that he was so happy they're here. Lol...sometimes men are just like that...but they love us, so they have to love our little ones, too!
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Bradley's mother has been active with animal rescue for a long time. He got to feeling like she was choosing the pets over her own children. So I know that it has always been a fear of his- that I would always choose my cats over him. Fortunately, he understands that I love him and the cats in different ways and that he'd never have to compete with them for my love and attention (well, sometimes.... ).
He loves the girls, especially "his" baby Cosette. He always baby talks her and picks her up for a snuggle whenever he comes home.
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My bf is not a cat lover either. He loves OUR cats, and he supports me and the work I do with cats, he's just not cat crazy.

Today they were hungry and kept walking all over him and me around 5:30am and meowing, he gave me the most miserable look.
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Eh I don't have a spouse but I don't even date guys who give any attitude about cats. They are my darlings (the cats, not guys) and if a dude has a problem with me having 6 cats and letting them rule my house... he can just go away...
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My ex boyfriend ( Rosies daddy ) was the one who suggested we get a kitten because he liked them and he knew i loved them.

My husband on the other hand begged me not to get one when we were together, and stupid me listened to him!.

But would i love to see the look on his face if he knew i had two cats!!!
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David says he hates cats. He finds all kind of excuses why. But its when I find him cuddled up with them that he is fresh out of excuses!

And then he says " Sarah Garfield needs this or Sarah, Lilo looks sad or Sarah the kittens need to be played with". I just ask him if you hate them why are you worried???? He has no answer!!!!
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I never dated anyone who disliked cats. Not all of them were cat lovers though. I honestly don't understand why someone wouldn't like them. My ex-husband still has visitation with Oliver.
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I knew that my bf likes cats and animals in general, he bought me Pepper for my 21st birthday, but I have to say he baby's the cat more than I do half the time. He's always talking baby talk to her and lets her to whatever she wants, she gets away with everything when he's home...no wonder she's such a savage...
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My BF loves cats...I don't think I could be with someone who didn't. He had Miss Kitty for years before I met him. He rescued and rehabbed her from a fearful, bitey, skinny thing to the friendly, lovey, fat thing she is today.
And he adores Zoe, too.
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Rob was neither particularly for nor particularly against cats when we began keeping company. Shasta taught him, just as she taught me. He's hooked.
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Bf thinks im crazy but thats ok.
He doesnt hate cats he has had animals all his life, but he hates sending them away.. his mother has a habbit of keeping them for a few days and getting sick of them. He always says how annoying they are because they use so much money, but when you see him cuddling teufel its lovely
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Oh boy!

If anyone I dated didn't like animals do you know fast they would be dumped!!
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My fiance LOVED the first two cats I got. However, when I got three more.....he said "that is it!!! no more cats for you"

That was totally understandable, though.....
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To here my husband tell it. He has to deal with the hair, the cats jumping on him to get to the cat window seat when he is napping on the couch. Always under his feet and so on....but when you watch him with the cats he is worse that I am, feeding them part of his ice cream bar.
Food off his plate, snuggles with them
He really loves them in my eyes.
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My first husband didn't like animals when I met him, the truth is he was frightened of them, so I worked on him. By the time we were married he was a big animal lover, especially cats.

My second husband loved all animals, he was a big softie, thats why I married him.
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My first husband didn't like cats. I should have known the marriage wouldn't work. When I first met Steve, he told me he hated cats. I told him that if he wanted a relationship with me, he had to learn to love my cat. Hippocrates wormed into his heart so much that when he crossed, Steve cried for days.

Now he claims to only like "select" cats (darn male pride). But those "select" cats are Stumpy, Scarlett, Koko, Muddy, Sage, Dakota and Pinky. He complains about the rest once in a while but tolerates them all very well. But I'll give him credit for loving 7 of the cats in the household. Even though he is a dog lover, when I asked him a while back if he could only pick 2 of our critters in the house, he named 2 cats, not the dogs. He's come a long way baby!

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My hubby loves ours as much as I do! I've known since I met him that he was a cat person (versus dogs), and we've shared the same interest in animals (we both love birds, too). He's a wonderful daddy to Holly and Mika.

Although if I had my way, they'd go to the most expensive **priviledged** hospital and have everything under the sun done that they could have (like a kitty day spa in a way) any time they needed a tiny bit of medical attention... hubby insists on being a bit more frugal regarding health care
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I guess I'm the cat lover of the house. But dh loves animals, too. This week I saw him kiss my horse on the ear, stop in the middle of the yard to pet Josie, the outside cat. He loves Will, our other outside cat. And he pays some attention to Gar and Fest. But he never even pets the kittens. He grew up on a farm, and they had lots of outside cats that were never fed. So I think he has seen too many kittens come and go. But he loves the cats we are keeping!
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My bf loves cats just as much as i do.
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Lol, it was actually at my boyfriend's house that I fell in love with cats. His cat 'Fraidy loved on me and was just so nice and sweet that after careful consideration of my bank account and my living situation, I adopted Leo!

'Fraidy still lives with Ian's mom. Ian's apartment exists now for the sole purpose of me having a quiet room for my kits when I'm homeless for a month and when I'm moving! He loves the little buggers (even though he hasn't met Lola yet, as he is still off on Budapest)! He and Leo are extremely bonded
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I could never date a woman who didn't like cats, so I wouldn't make the mistake of marrying one who didn't like them. It's as simple as that. That would be like marrying someone who didn't like children and then having kids.
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Michael says he never wanted me to get a cat as he says they stop you doing things. Like what I say? We can still go away, I just get a cat sitter in.

I think maybe he's jealous of all the attention she gets

He does make a big fuss of her. When he's waiting for me while I'm getting ready for bed Villy will jump up on to the bed and he will spend ages fussing her. She also joins us for weekend lie-ins and he gives her loads of attention then too.

He pretends not to be bothered about her, but when I see him when he thinks he's alone with her, or sometimes he'll just make a big fuss of her, it's so a different story!
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My ex-husband hates cats. I was never allowed to have one. No wonder he's an ex.

Joe loves them as much as I do, even if he won't admit it.
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My then BF and now DH Ian was never a cat person--he never had pets at all growing up, his sister is allergic to just about everything, and he always saw himself as more of a dog person. Fast-forward to my junior year of college when I adopted Oliver--who quickly wrapped Ian around his little paw. It was actually Ian's idea to get a second cat, so there'd be one cat for each of us But, he's drawn the line at two kitties. Oh well, two works for me!
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