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Help think my cat Blue got hit

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I went walking to the shops and it followed me,I stopped at the road because I knew he wouldn't stop,but before I knew it It crossed the busiest road in the area,a motorbike beeped then I heard an awful miaow,Blue has an awful cry anyway but this was extra awful,I had to wait for all the cars to stop to see what had happened but I cant find it anywhere,there is no blood on the road but no Blue anywhere either I don't know what to do,if it was hurt bad surely there would be blood? its just disappeared I'm gonna go hunt for it again but Ive searched everywhere,even 30 mins away from my house

Im so scared,I just dont know where else to look,normally when it follows me he waits in a bush until I return then I pick him up and take him with me,so I looked in the bush where he waits for me and he isnt there,he NEVER walks away until I come back,it just relaxs then as soon as it sees me up the road it miaows to let me know hes still there,its truly a beautiful cat and the most loving one Ive ever had,I keep thinking if it was hurt it would have crawled to the side of the road but its no where to be seen,no one could have picked it up,I was right there,I didnt see if he got hurt because the road was so busy I couldnt see him so he had to have ran really quick to get out of the road because it was only a matter of seconds the road cleared
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2 things, and im really not being rude, but why do yo call your cat an "it?" and why if you knew your cat was following you didnt you bring him back home?
Perhaps i missed something.

Anyways, i do hope you find your cat safe and sound, wishing you the best, God bless.
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It is likely that when Blue was hit, he was flung somewhere. He would go to ground quickly (meaning he would hide) he would be in a dark place, like under a porch, deep in some shubberies, inside a drainage ditch pipe. I don't want to scare you, but the absence of blood on a collision like this, isn't always a good sign because there could be internal injuries.

First of all calm down. Go back to where the accident first occurred and in a safe area squat down, turn at all angels and look closely from that level, what do you see? Think like a cat, like a scared injured cat- they get a burst of adrenenalin when they first get hit, so you may not be looking at an area close by but one further away. See anything possible he might be hiding in? Go to that spot, sit down or lie down and call to him softly. Wait to hear anything, heavy labored breathing or panting, a scared meow- even purring (cats will purr when they are in pain)

Also call all the vets in the area and describe your cat. Tell them you believe he was in a collision and ask them to call you if someone brings an injured cat to them that fits his description

Good luck I hope you find him-
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I probably called my cat and IT because I was panicing and wasnt thinking straight,I was typing and panicing and I did write HE a few times as well

As for not picking him up I didnt realise he followed me,once I saw him I stopped but like I said,he scapered across the road I could hardly run across after him risking my life forgive me if I sounded like I let him follow me without stopping it,I was scared and just wrote it panic

Anyway Blue was found safe and sound in his usual bush shook up but in no way hurt
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I would keep him inside and watch him for a few days. They tend to go into delayed shock sometimes, so be sure he is eating, not having litter pan accidents and love him up- you were very lucky!
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thats good that you found him :-) give him a scratch for me.

and no, your right i had read it worng, sorry
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Thankyou Hissy,I got my neighbours hunting for him with me and we could not find him anywhere,I looked in places I dont think he has ever been too,I came home thought id get some adivce here while my husband was still looking,he truley is a beautiful cat,I want to change him into an indoor cat,I got him from a family member as a kitten and he was an outdoor cat then so its proving really hard trying to keep him in
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Originally Posted by ilovejoelyo
thats good that you found him :-) give him a scratch for me.

and no, your right i had read it worng, sorry
Thanks and its ok,I do tend to panic really easily and write things all wrong

He is sitting with my little boy having cuddles
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Yep they need distractions, they need cat posts and cat caves, and places they can hide. Places they can leap up on and window perches so they can see their world. I would keep him inside and it is likely after this incident he won't want out any more-

Again, I am glad you found him, and I sensed how panicked you were in the first post and didn't pay attention to how you worded it, just what happened.
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Pepsi this is not a criticism of you but this kind of incident is why I really believe that keeping our cats indoors is the best way to go. If nothing else it cuts down on the leamers (adreneline jolts) you get when something like this happens and also it really helps to keep the Vet bills down. I am glad that things turned out so well for Blue and you.... Howard
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