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I think Rosie and Sophie have an admirer!

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Theres a house directly opposite me who has two black and white cats which are brothers.

Their about Sophies age because i remember she got them as kittens about the same time as i brought Sophie home.

They spend most of their time sitting on their windowsill looking over at Rosie and Sophie if their sitting on my windowsill looking out, and they hardly take their eyes of them.

I came in quite late this morning after being out with friends, and before i went to bed i looked out the window where Rosie and Sophie were sitting and noticed one of the boys from the house opposite playing.

He spotted Rosie and Sophie and came trotting over and just sat underneath the window looking up at both of them, but not angry looks, more like gazing?!.

There was no hissing or growling from either of the 3, and i think if he could have spoke he would have asked them if they were coming out to play!.

Well they can't!, and their two young for dates if thats what he wants my girls for!!

Awwww but it looked so cute
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It must be love! We always laugh about Jamie's "girlfriend". People four or five houses down have a couple of cats, including a beautiful little calico who likes to hang out in our backyard. A couple of times we've found that she's climbed up on top of the pergola, where she sits and gazes at Jamie while he sits in the living room window. He has a fit, but that doesn't deter her.
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I just wish it had been daylight so i could have taken a picture of the 3 of them
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Aww How adorable!!
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Awww that's so sweet!
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Awww, young love is SOOOO sweet!!!

I still remember Romeo and Juliet (my two ferals, not the Bard's pair) and their pining for each other when I first took him in!
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How cute is that?

My two don't have any admirers.
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Mine have admirers, too every so often They come to the door . Most of the time, it's just the next door neighbors cats from Mama's first litter saying hello

Wish I could see their boyfriends, Susan!!!
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I'll try and get a picture of them next time i see them sitting on their windowsill Chris!.

Their mainly white cats with black patches, and one has a black patch on one eye which is so cute
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Woofus & wookie sez that u bedder not wet dem gurls out to fool arownd wid dem fellaws or we'l get madd.
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Oh don't you worry Rufus and Lukey, these girls are going no where!.

They can watch from the window and give them headbutts against the glass
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That sounds really cute Susan!
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how romaaantic
my kitty is famous around the guys to!
at my old house I would find my cat jumping out of a bush hiding with a white cat
shortly after we moved here she had an orange cat hanging around our house he even got on the bbq one night!
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Mabye Mom should invite the boys over for a play session if they are fixed and social
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He sounds like quite the Casanova... better watch your girls, Susan.
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All you need is love!
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Awww.... have you ever thought of having a "play date" for the cats??? I don't know if that would work, but it might!!
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Aww, that sounds so cute!

Molly has three admirers that come to see her when we're in the garden, but she promptly joins forces with Tibby and tells them to go away! (with a bit of help from Meowmy hissing too! )
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Susan, I told Tiggy that and he wants to hop the first flight over to the UK and kick some black and white cats butt! He has eyes from Rosie Posie, but I explained to him that he's too far away to have a meaningful relationship with her and needs to set his sights a little closer to home..........
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Tell Tiggy not to worry Susie, their far too young for boys yet!!
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Awwww, that's so cute!

There used to be two cats who lived in the building next to mine, one floor up, and they and my guys would watch one another from the windows, but they've moved now.
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Maybe a "play date" is in order? The people next door have an ancient Greyhound , Aki, who's Jamie's best buddy. Aki literally scratches at our door to ask whether he can play with Jamie. I worry a bit about letting them be together, because Aki is rather senile now, but they have so much fun. Generally, Jamie chases Aki around the house, which is really a sight to see.
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Now that i would like to see Tricia

Love is certainly in the air with all these felines isn't it?!
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Awwww That's really cute! It would have been lovely to see a picture! I wonder what your girlies were thinking?... hehe

I heard that cats have good eyesight? Because I know when Guin sits on top of the fridge freezer in the kitchen he looks right out the window to the garden. If anything (another cat most of the time) catches his eye he just follows them with his gaze!
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Thats sounds so cute
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I told you Chick! .....Sniff, sniff, you "smell" to "mother in law"........
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That's so cute. No wonder your girls have admirers. They're beautiful.
Gracie who used to have an admirer at my old apartment. We lived on the first floor then and the neighbor's cat, a big male tabby, used to come hang around the front window and stare in at her. She didn't appreciate the intention though - usually reacted with hissing!
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Susan, that is too cute . Love is in the air... Way to be a protective meowmy!
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