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Need a little advice...

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So, I don't know where the best place to post htis would be, so move it if you'd like, but...

...what are everyone's thoughts on pairing adult cats with kittens?

My Leo is 4, but he has quite the playful streak in him. He is friendly, outgoing, easy-going and really extremely welcoming to change (vet trips, travel, fosters, living in a new home, etc), but when I've fostered kitties, he's always let them know pretty much that he's the boss of the place. The kitties that let him rule the roost he always becomes close friends/playmates with. Those who are also dominant, usually older cats and cats who are less active (seemingly older females, though that is most likely just a co-incidence), he tends to have mild quarrels with and then move on to completely ignore them.

I am adopting a (permanent) newcomer next week, and am thinking about adding a kitten, from 10 weeks to 6 months, seems to be about what we have at the shelter. Is this a completely terrible idea or could this end well?

Any input would be welcome. Thanks!
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Annabelle was over a year old when we got Isabelle. It took a bit of time and a lot of hissing on Annabelle's part- but kitten took to her immediately. Just give them some time and space, eventually the adult cat will come around. Now they run around a chase each other, play, groom, etc.
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I think it's a good idea. My two cats get along very well and are always together. When adopting a second cat, you should get a younger cat, so the age sounds about right to me.
This way your older cat will have less problems
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As long you take the introductions slow, everything should be fine.
Peter was six months old when I adopted him in Jan and my girls are older, 6 and 12. I think it helped that even though he was and is very playful, but also a rather timid and easygoing guy (still is), they didn't see him as a threat. So, you should definitely take the kitten's personality into consideration.
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I would bring both the new cats in at the same time. Then you only have to go through it once.
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Bakker now at 10 months came into a house with a 6 yr old, a 8 yr old and a 14yr old cat. It worked out okay-just make sure the older ones get losts of attention too!!
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Sounds like it'll go fine, since Leo's had experience with other younger cats being in the house, and it sounds like he's been pretty dang fine with it. Every older cat will put a younger one in it's place, to let them know that they are the expert on everything in the house, and to let them know that they have the priority with things. He sounds like an excellent candidate for pairing with a younger kitty. Most cats won't accept it, but you've given Leo experience with it, so he'll do just fine. Trust yourself...I get the feeling you already knew the answer, but were a bit uneasy about it, and needed reassurance. So, yes, he'll be fine.
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