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Cat animations

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Rigel (Cool Cat) and I were discussing animated avatars today, and I did a Web search for a white, running cat. In doing so, I came across a huge collection of cat gifs. You might want to bookmark this site (I have):
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Cool! Most of those I haven't seen before. Except for the running cheetah .gif. I wish I knew who originally made that, I picked up a copy of that from a "free" animated gif site to use in an animated sig I made for a motorcycle forum I used to frequent (cheetah VStar) but would still like to verify with the original creator. If I ever find him/her .

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Those are great!! I bookmarked the site, thanks!!!!
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COOL!!! Thanks!
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I have seen that site before and it has many nice cat animations. This link allows you to choose pages. http://www.cybergata.com/anim.htm
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