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Did you know???

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Leo, the Bischon Frise that was thrown onto the California Freeway and killed had his story on Animal Planet's "Busted" the other night. Did you know that Andrew "whatever his last name is", the guy who killed him, was previously charged with abuse and killing a dog while in the Navy?? He beat a stray dog to death with a baton. It never came out at trial though. The guy was supposed to get on the stand and testify on his own behalf, saying Leon bit him but his attorney said no. They learned that the prosecution had a surprise witness, Andrew's Chief Petty Officer in the Navy. She was going to testify that he had a history of animal abuse. Not only that, but he also got another 8 months in prison for 4th degree larceny and filing a false report.

It seems that he worked for a cable company and staged an MVA with the company truck, making it go down an embankment. He claimed that he got out just before it went over the embankment with no injuries. When they pulled the truck out, all the tools were missing. The police got a search warrant for his house and found all sorts of cable company equipment.

So, justice has been served. He was a liar, a thief and an animal murderer. May he rot in jail. When sentenced, he showed absolutely no emotion whatsoever.
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Donna, am so glad you posted this to bring us up to date on this matter. Yes, don't we all hope he rots in jail. (or even someplace else!)
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And just was hoping they would throw the creep off a freeway bridge into traffic and see about his chances of survival!
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Thanks for the update. Reminds me of the Menendez brothers when they sentenced them...no emotion, nothing!...This **** is a true candidate for a serial killer! I wish they would serve the same punishment the guilty did to their victims! They're Monsters!

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Good!! I am glad he will get what he deserves. Thanks Donna.
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