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Kitten with UTI

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My three month old kitten (female), Cheeto was diagnosed with a UTI today. She had blood and bacteria present in the urine, and she's on anitbiotics for two weeks. I was unaware that such young kittens could get this. Also, is it more serious given her age? Thanks!
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I presume it's a bladder infection (cystitis)? I suppose that could be gotten at any age. Any illness is more serious in a kitten.
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Yup, a bladder infection. She still produces some urine, so is not completely blocked but you tell the poor little thing hurts when she's trying to go. She is still playing and active, so I may have caught it in time before she gets really sick. I just got her Tuesday from the SPCA, so I'm not sure how long she's had it for. The medicine giving is going ok, she's so small they have to give liquid antibiotics so twice a day I have to give her those through a little syringe. I'm sure I'll have plenty of scratches to show for it by the end of the two weeks!
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awww poor little Cheeto - how wonderful for her that she now has a wonderful loving home and someone that will look after her.

I am confident that the antibiotics will do wonders for her UTI and she will be back to her normal self in no time - give her plenty of scritches from us as encouragement each time you give her the antibitoics.

keep us updated
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