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Feline Frenzy!!

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What are some weird/odd things your cat/s likes to do?

My cat likes to lick carmex off my lips...ears(It tickles!)...hands...etc....
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mycat sucks on shirts and pants when shes happy.

my other one rolls over like she wants you to scrathch her stumic then shell kick you with her back legs
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My cat will make loud sucking noises on my neck when i am sleeping.
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Milky like to say Meow, meow soooo loudy lately around 4:00 am! ....I think he´s a kind of nuts! ´cause next he go to sleep until 8:00 am! ...
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Tucker likes to try to dig up our Terrazo floors-if you've never seen them, it's a hard, smooth floor that is made out of multi-colored stones-I guess it looks like one big litterbox! Thank God he doesn't poop, too!
Mini likes to lick my hand after I brush my teeth-she loves Mom's minty freshness. She knows the routine, too, & will wait for me to finish.
Skyler is strangely normal.
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