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The "Oh my gosh" moment

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I'm looking for others experiences where they have had an overwhelming "oh my gosh" moment with their kittys. These are the moments where you feel so honored to be a part of their lives.

My "oh my gosh" moment was when we first adopted Carly. We only had her a couple of days and took her in for her first vet visit. The vet was doing the usual poking and prodding. When she was listening to Carly's heart, Carly made eye contact with me during this time. The vet said her heart slowed noticeably during this encounter. I knew at that time that this loving little being was totally trusting me that nothing would harm her .
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I was 8 years old and my Siamese queen chose me as her birthing box.
At the time of course, I never realized what a compliment this was, I was just grossed out
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
I was 8 years old and my Siamese queen chose me as her birthing box.
At the time of course, I never realized what a compliment this was, I was just grossed out
mines kinda the same.

when Maverick had her contractions curled up against my side and when she gave birth on my lap.

Jupiter- when he first purred for me.
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I have a few actually.. I love this site we can care this stuff. Thanks for this thread

If you look at the link below with my kitty pictures you will see a picture of how chucky sits on my lap sometimes when he is sitting like that he reaches up with this front paws and with his head tilted back so he can look up at me and holds my face. I know he loves me when he loves that, Its like he is saying " Thank you Moewmy for loving me so much" .

The other is buddy, he is the boy we found at my work. When he is in sulky mood he comes on my lap and lays down and reaches for my hand. He wants me to touch him or if I am not able to he reaches over where from where he may be laying at and touches me leaving his paw on my arm or hand where ever he can reach. Its like he is trying to hold my hand.

Ricky is the whiny spoiled sulk of the house that crys for attention to get him out of cupboards and so on. When I come home from work he will meow for me and rub my legs if I bend over he reaches up with his paw to touch my face and I know he is happy to see me.

I am so close to all my kitties, I know its an OH MY GOSH moment when I go to bed and 7 cats are already there waiting for me. Buddy normally will be in my window.
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Mine was when Little Miss was going into labor, and she kept coming to me crying. And I would pick her up and put her on my lap and pet her, and that seemed to ease her pain. And then that next night, at 1:30 in the morning, she went into labor and fluid was all over me and the bed, and she tried to get down....thats where my "oh my gosh" came from. She was terrified, and trying to keep the fluid off of me, and I just reassured her that it was ok, and we started washing the sheets, and then took turns sitting up with her until she had the kittens.

The next one came when the only female out of the litter, Haylee Marie, came up and gave me a little nose kiss and started purring.
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Great thread!

With Katie (my first cat) it was when I went from being fond of a cute little black kitten to realizing that I loved her. In Gracie's case, it was the first time I let her sleep with me and she crawled up on the pillow, layed down on my head and started to purr. With Pete, it was when I was first able to hold him in early Jan. after several months of socialization. He still wasn't thrilled, but it was the most relaxed he'd been. I'd been agonizing over whether or not to adopt him, when all of the sudden I realized I loved the little guy. That clinched it.
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When Poodle first layed down on my stomach and started to knead and suck on my shirt. Also, when she first granted me permission to rub her tummy.
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1) When she darts back and forth across the room at 90 mph
2) When she jumps 5 feet into the air to catch the "birdie" (She's a tiny 11 week old kitten. How can she jump so high?)
3) When she climbs up on my lap to knead and purr, then rolls on her back to get belly rubs.
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mine 2 were both with my baylee. They first one was the day i brought her home, i was laying on the couch and she stretched out next to me on my arm on her back and fell asleep.

The second was the other day she was laying curled up in a ball, and i was laying on my side next to her. I needed a hug so i pulled her over, she streched out and fell asleep with her head on my shoulder and my arm around her.
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My outside cat Will. He is the most dashing guy, but with gray marks over each nostril so his nose looks like a pig! He is friendly and nice. But since summer, when he rolls all over my feet as I am wearing sandals...I can feel just how soft he is. I know he is begging for food off the grill, as he usually does this as I am cooking dinner!

But he is also always in the garage in the morning to greet me, and there at the end of the day when I come home. If I am late he is often gone, as he has a full outdoor life. But if he leaves, he will come when I call if he is within range where he can hear me.

Somehow, although I had realized he was a great cat, and we are lucky he chose us to live with...the "gosh" moment came when he elevated to the intimacy of an inside cat. I totally love this guy!

Sorry I don't have a better pic, he is hard to capture on camera as he is all over me! As you can see, he is a big talker, always yapping!

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I've had a ton of little moments here and there with my beloved monsters, but by far the biggest 'oh my gosh' was with Snickers. I almost lost him just 4 months ago, he was so severely ill. I was mentally preparing myself to lose him for good this time because of how serious the illness was. Well, what really surprised me was just HOW attached I am to Snickers.

I mean I was a wreck for that whole week he was in the hospital. I get VERY attached to pets, but I am also a Realist; I know that everyone and everything dies. But I just could not, would not, face it. I didn't have to face it Thank God because he came home to me and has been the picture of health ever since!!!

The oh-my-goshness is just realizing every day how happy I am to have him back in my life. He's different from any cat I've ever known, from his backwards-curling tail, to his face shape, to his high trilling, to his bonkers sense of humor... and his love, every night he nibbles my nose (love bites, doesn't hurt) and actually sleeps near my chest, all snuggled into me, and holds my arm with his paws!!! Before his illness, he slept at my feet; NOW, he sleeps as close to my chest as possible, wrapped on my arm.
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I have so many of those moments....usually stops me for a minute or two when they hit me.

My first one with Lucky was when i first found her in the ditch...she tried to run up to me through all the leaves and when i picked her up she curled up into a ball and latched on to my sleeve with all her claws. She wouldn't let go....I think i knew right then that I wouldn't be able to let go either. When i got Rambo he acted all tough at the shelter (hence the name) but when i got him home he curled up on my chest and started kneading and suckling and didn't want to leave my side. He's a complete momma's boy now.

I guess the latest one was, after a breakup i was crying and they both came and curled up with me, lucky kept touching my tears. They stayed with me till i stopped crying. I felt so lucky that they are in my life
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Most of you have seen these so many times, but i want it to show that a new cat in the house can eventually become friends with the resident cat

After being with us for only 2 weeks, this is the very day i found Rosie had finally accepted Sophie and it brought tears to my eyes

And even now, seeing them like this makes my heart melt

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Gosh! There are so many!
I had a kidney stone, and when I got home from the hospital, I slept 18 hours straight. Fred sat on my pillow, awake, watching over me the whole time. When I woke up a little and opened my eyes, he came down and snuggled with me.
A kind of sad "oh my gosh" moment was the day I realized that Fred was soooo old. I guess I never thought about that one day I would not have my buddy any more.
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Ours was three days after we brought Mika home. He stayed in the bedroom too afraid to come out the whole time, when Sunday night we were watching TV... he wanted to be with us so badly that he braved the scary hallway and jumped up on the back of the couch with us. Okay, kinda boring, but it made my husband's eyes well up with tears
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I've had quite a few, but most recently was the other day when I saw Chloe and Iris snuggle. Chloe was seemingly just tolerating Iris up until then, but when I saw them do this it was one of the ultimate "Oh my gosh!" moments and I realized how friendly they really are.
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Ivo keeps on surprising me with "Oh my gosh" moments. The first came when as a stray living outside (and inside) my building she crawled into my lap and fell asleep in my hands. The next came when she actually decided to sleep with me all night curled up around my arm. I have them when she falls asleep on my feet while I'm reading or when she lets me stroke her stomach, but I have them most when she wakes up and greets me with a soft purry chirp. I don't think I'll stop having those "Oh my gosh" moments.
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last night was my "oh my gosh" moment. After hearing that Callie's previous owners didn't want her and told me to drop her off at a shelter instead of giving her back to them, I thought about her all night and felt so bad for her. When I got home she was waiting for me near the door and was sooo happy to see me, and I looked down at her furry head, and the way she curls up her body with her head upside down, and realized that her previous owners could never love her the way i potentially "could" love her, and she only had me and was all alone in this world. I totally softened towards her, and that was my moment.

Practially all these stories made me cry, and i'm at work reading all this, eating sushi and crying!
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Oh journey, I am so touched by your post. I have been following your struggles and am so proud of your commitment to take care of Callie whether that is with you or finding her a loving home. I wish the both of you well.
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One "oh my gosh" moment that I always remember happened after I found out Abby had feline leukemia. I cried hysterically on and off for that entire week. Abby had always been a very affectionate cat, but she became even more so after I found out she was sick. One night she crawled up onto my chest as I was sleeping and for probably a half hour rubbed her face against my face while purring more loudly than I had heard her purr before. She did this every single night up until the end and after spending a good half hour rubbing my face would fall asleep on my chest and not move for the rest of the night. It still makes me cry to think about it!!
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My biggest "Oh my gosh" moment was when my late husband had his first major stroke, and I came home from the hospital in tears, fearing that he wouldn't make it. Realize that I had no relatives within hundreds of miles, so I faced the problems alone - with my cats. I sat down on the sofa crying and Red Cat came up, cuddled close, kept putting his paws up to my face, and purred, purred, purred. He was the biggest comfort one can imagine, even more so than had I had a relative there!

The second "Oh my gosh" moment was the first time Red Cat rescued me from my nightmare (an intruder approaching me) when I screamed for help. He lay on my chest, nuzzled my neck and purred, purred, purred. He has done this several times now.
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Originally Posted by katachtig
Oh journey, I am so touched by your post. I have been following your struggles and am so proud of your commitment to take care of Callie whether that is with you or finding her a loving home. I wish the both of you well.

thank you.....that really meant a lot to me.
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These stories are too sweet . Some actually gave me the sniffles .

My first "oh my gosh" with Eponine moment was the first time she kneaded my arm and burrowed her face into the crook of my elbow....I think it was about 2-3 months after I brought her home. She was always such a shy, timid cat, but I knew then and there that she at least trusted me Earning her trust was an awesome feeling.

My first "oh my gosh" moment with Cosette came within a week of bringing her home. She slept in the bathroom vanity for the first week she was home, so that I'd have time to introduce her to Eppie properly. After a week, though, it was time to let her sleep outside of the vanity. I was curious to see where she'd choose to sleep for her first night of "freedom." I was overjoyed when she chose my pillow, wrapping herself around my ears .

Love those girls!
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There are many "oh my gosh" moments, and I'll likely come back with more as I'm reminded of them, but the latest was only a little while ago, when Cindy meandered downstairs and over to my chair, looking longingly up. I scooped her up and we had a lovely cuddle session, during which (here it comes) at one point she was sitting on my lap, her back to me, and lifted herself up and back and leaned her head up to give me a nose kiss. Our eyes met. WOW.
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