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In Memory of Chucky Finklestein the Crazy Piggy

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We came home last night to find Chucky on our front lawn...gone. It was heartbreaking. He was such a wonderful friend to my 5 year old son, who is crushed...and I find that I miss him more than I realized I would...
He would take walks with us and act as our bodyguard, babysit the kids when they were in the yard playing, headbutt us when he wanted scratches, beat up our dog (a boxer/pit mix) just because he could...and he was the best damn mouser ever!!!
From day one at Petsmart, my son saw Chucky and wanted him...anyone who checked the adoption center, my son would get mad and tell them that his mommy was getting this kitty for him, that it was his kitty, and to go away. This cat could be a real jerk, despite being neutered, his mentality was as if he had great big brass ones...but he was ALWAYS gentle and loving to my son.
I know that he will have more mice than he can handle, now...but it doesn't do much to ease the pain of missing him...driving home from taking my husband to work, I half expected to have Chucky there to meet us as he always did...without fail...but he didn't today.
So here's to you Mr. Finklestein, you crazy piggy...you are loved and missed.
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I am so sorry for your unexpected loss. Chucky sounds like he was a great friend to you all. Hugs to you all at this sad time.
RIP Chucky
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The last line in your post just brought tiny tears to my eyes!!!

he sounds alot like my Charlie boy who died almost 2 years ago. He too thought he had "two big brass ones"

Oh, the love and joy that our cats bring us and sometimes we forget it while they are still here. But just know that no matter how bull headed he may have been, he knew your for him. You provided a warm, safe, loving place for him to spend his life. And he knew it.

I want to tell you something that my husband said last week.... we were outside with our cats (we give them outside adventures every other day) and David looked at me and said "Sarah, do you think Lilo and Garfield know how lucky they are?" I looked at him and smiled and said "NO, but I know that they know they are happy and loved" "And thats all that matters" He said "Yea. your right"
And its true. They will never know how lucky they are to have loving owners but they will always know that they are loved.

---RIP--- Chucky Finklestein
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I am sorry you lost Chucky. He sounds a lot like my outside (barn) cat Will. Will chose us, and is the independant man about the property. He also escorts us around the yard, walks visitors to their cars, is just such a family member on his own terms.

I am sorry you are missing such a fine cat. And my condolences to your son-it is very difficult to lose a loved one at such a young age.
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I'm so sorry for your loss of your special boy, but "Mr. Finklestein" will live forever in your hearts. I hope your son can recover from his loss, and find another needy kitty to love.
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Judging by your description Chucky sounded like someone who came into your family and made a great impact with his love and personality. I adore cats who seem to be big headed and "tough" but we all know they have their moments where they seek out love and affection. Sounds like your Mr. Finklestein made the most out of his time here with you.

Much love to Chucky
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss

RIP at the bridge Chucky Finklestein
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I'm sorry to hear about Chucky.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. RIP Chucky.
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It has been tough for us since losing Mr. Finklestein...especially my son, who is quite angry and sad and just learning how to deal with these emotions at such a young age. His twin sister is also feeling the pain, but I find that she has taken the role of the "strong one" and tries hard to comfort her brother, despite her own sadness.
I appreciate everyones kind words, and thank you.
We will miss our bodyguard/dog fighter/official welcomer/family member/ best friend to my son...he was a truly amazing kitty, and we were lucky and blessed to have our time with him...
Just wish our time together could have been longer.

*we recently heard that it is possible that a neighbor poisoned Chucky, as this has happened to 3 cats recently, but there is no conclusive proof, just comments the particular neighbor has said...
I am trying to not jump to conclusions, yet cannot help feeling anger about this possibly being our dear friends fate.
I really do appreciate your kind words, especially now after learning of this possibility, it reminds me that I did try to give Chucky the best life I could, and that he was not at a loss for love...I need to remember this.
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Oh, I do hope he wasn't poisoned! Or if so, that your children never have to know the truth. You & your family gave him the best life possible, and soooo much love! That's the most important thing of all.
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