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Is This A Sign?

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My Tammy is due, no longer then a week away, to give birth.

I have noticed that only 3 of her nipples are pointed. Is this a sign as to how many she will be having? The rest of her nipples have gone flat?

Please help.

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I have never heard of that before. I hope someone has some insight.
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No, that is no indication of the number of kittens she'll have. The only way to tell is X-ray or Ultrasound.
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More babies due, OH MY GOODNESS. Please keep us posted
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there is no way to tell unless you take her to the vet. sounds like an old wives tale to me.
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Thanks guys

I wasnt told it definately meant that. I just couldnt work out why only three are now pointy and not all of them?!


PS I will keep you posted of pending birth, hopefully not too far away!
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