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I think one of my ferals is gone...

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Hubby and I were discussing this at dinner and it has been ages since we have seen Callie. She is a muted tortie- out of Funny Face's litter. Usually if I go back by the creek and do my kitty call, she will surface in the next couple of days...I call loudly! But I have been calling her for about a week now, and no callie. About four months ago when I went into town, I saw a cat hit on the road. When I stopped to check, the cat looked exactly like Cal- same markings, manx tail, the whole thing! I screamed my rage to God, bundled her up, and that night Mike and I buried her among many tears. The next evening who shows up alive and well? But Calgirl!!! We were stunned! She hung around for several days and then vanished. Now, she is truly gone I fear. It is not like her to be gone this long of a time...Say a prayer please that if she is still alive, she finds her way home. She is missed a lot. I don't know who belonged to the first manx I saw on the road, maybe it was her sister or her twin, or maybe God was just preparing us for what is to come. I just miss seeing her in the hay or popping out of the horse feeder at night.
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I'm sorry to hear this Hissy! My condolances go out to you and hope for Callie that she is alive and well somewhere. If she has crossed the rainbow bridge then she is in a happy purr place. Though, above all else, I hope she shows up alive and well.
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I am so sorry to hear about that. It is hard having ferals around. There are so many things she could be doing, so I will keep her in my thoughts and hope she comes home alive and well!!
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hissy, i'm sorry. how sad. lets keep a positive frame of mind, i truly think positive thoughts will bring positive outcome(s). *hug* i'll say a prayer for your Callie.

hissy, i know i am probaly the only one here that doesnt know this, but, what is a " feral " cat ? by definition.

i'm guessing its a wild or stray cat ?

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A feral is a cat that has never been handled by humans, or one that was abused, or merely escaped and reverted to its natural state-which is wild. Some people believe them to be nothing but pests, kind of like weeds in a garden and want them terminated. There is one poster on another board that any time any one posts about a problem with a feral- such as capturing it and gaining it's trust- she replies with "just kill them all!" Makes me nuts! Some of the best cats I have had have been older ferals that come here. You can work with them slowly, you can tame them, but they need a different touch than domesticated cats. For example, just because you are feeding a feral cat, doesn't mean that at the end of the meal,it will curl up in your lap and purr its thanks. You just go slower, you have to be kinder, and you have to have a lot of patience working with them.

Lecture over (climbing down off my soapbox and putting it away now...) =)
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Hey Blue,

Hissy is right, a feral is a cat that is terrified of humans. I had a feral that I was feeding on a regular basis. He's been on the streets for over 10 years. I have not seen him in over 3 months so I stopped feeding him. I struggled with what to do (feed or not feed) and finally asked a veterinarian if cats hibernate. He said they sometimes do but not for that long. So, I am assuming that he has either found another food source of has gone off to a better place. I have to believe it.

Hang in there Hissy.
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Hey Blue....thanks for asking that question....I wasn't sure exactly what a feral was either, but hated to ask, because I'm a moderator after all, I'm supposed to know these things.. I was actually afraid I would be the only one who didn't know....I did figure, just as you did, that it was a wild cat, but thought maybe it was native to certain regions. So I guess I really learned something today...and boy do I feel silly for not asking sooner...I guess that means I have to add one more cat to my list...lol....Merlin's father....he was a feral (now that I know what that means) He is a beautiful black cat with yellow eyes, and wouldn't let me within 30 feet of him, without running away....he has lived here, down at the barn, for years, and he comes up and eats the food I put out. My husband wanted to shoot him, and I had a cow!!! I told him over my dead body!!! And thank god I did, cause he is Merlins father!!!

Hissy, I hope your Callie comes home... I said a prayer...Spook (that is what I call him) has been gone awhile now, but he always disappears for long periods of time, then eventually shows back up. I wish I could gain his trust.
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