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Cats in Heat

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I have a question. How soon after delivery can a mother cat get pregnant?

My husband tells me that she will not be able to get pregnant while she is nursing her litter and I'm not sure I agree.
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Your husband's wrong. I had an outside cat... had kittens, within ONE WEEK she was ALREADY pregnant.
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I am fostering Sugartoes, who got pregnant 2-3 weeks after delivering her last litter. You must keep the Momma cat locked indoors until she can be spayed when the babies are 8 weeks old.
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My friend's cat got pregnant 2 time immediately after having a litter. It was horrible...but unfortuantely there was a person in the house who shall remain nameless that kept letting her out.
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My friend's cat ended up having 5 litters because she kept getting out after her kittens were weaned. That is why I highly recommend keeping the momma cat in an interior room with no access outdoors until it can be fixed.

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