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Kitty Spankings

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Sammy is obsessed with being spanked. I've discussed this behavior with friends and family, they tend to think it is kinda sorta ...sexual..? There are times when she will approach me, meowing. I'll make sure she has food and water. Then when I start "spanking" her down towards her lower body (the sides) and along her spine she screams a lot, falls to the floor, rolls around and once I stop she gives me this look like I'm insane for stopping. Then she continues to meow at me until I start back. At some point she will jump up and go attack the scratch post.

I know other cats like this..Baby Kitty gets a charge out of being spanked to the point where he wants to wrestle my arm. (I've come to learn that many male cats love rough playtime, it tends to give them an outlet to show their aggressive behavior).

My question: Is this in any way sexual (i.e. stimulation, etc)? Not that it really matters but I'm just curious.
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Naw, I doubt that it's sexual. I think it's just a kind of stimulation that apparently they enjoy. Running to and attacking the scratching post is exactly the kind of thing that a cat would do to release the tension built up by stimulation. If they didn't like this activity, I'm sure they'd give a warning bite.
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Reading that thread makes me think I'm going to have to give it a try
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I did a search for this subject through earlier threads but missed that one completely.

At least I know I'm not the only one participating in this funny-yet-strange ritual.

thanks \t
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My kitties love spankings too. I just figured it was what they liked. I read somewhere before that cats liked to be patted not a swiping your hand over the fur pat but your hand going up and in a tap tap tap motion. Like when you pat your best bud on the back and say good job. So I pat my kitties like that like a spanking kind of way and they love it..
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