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It's not Mom's fault!

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I can not believe this, but my parent's are getting another kitten and it's not Mom's fault! It's my stepfathers! Mom and I work together and he called work to talk to mom today. When she hung up she said they are going to 'temporarily' take my Aunt's kitten that she can't keep. I said 'temporarily? YEAH RIGHT!!!' And my Mother agreed with me! The a co-worker came in and said 'Temporarily?' with one eyebrow raised....mom said 'I know I know!' But I'm so excited! I believe her name is Clemintine or something else with a C. She's 5 months old. Mom suggested me taking her since she's barely older than my 2, but these 2 have way more energy than I do.....3 kittens and I'd lock myself in the bathroom! Pumpkin will have a playmate that actually want's to play and maybe poor Bunny can get some peace! But then again now she'll have another one to show whos boss! I'll post pics when she gets here!!!
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Congratulations on the new member to the family!! That's awesome that your step-dad is the one getting the deal; sounds like this kitty is coming into a real positive situation! And 5 months is such a great age!! Past the fragile stage but still too cute for words....I can scarcely wait to see the pics!!
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Oh that's so exciting!
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Oh, sounds like fun. And sounds like your Mom found the right guy to marry!
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Mom sure did marry the right guy! And I had the kitten's name wrong! It's Olivia.....not sure where I got Clementine. But thats what I get for staying up so late last night! I think she comes home tomorrow!
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Yeah! Adding another one to the bunch is always so fun and cool. Here's to you for taking in another baby. Can't wait to see pics of little Olivia.
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