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Toilet tastes good?

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My kitty Poodle has fresh water every day in her bowl by her food. Yet, she refuses to drink it. Instead, she drinks from the toilet (Only when flushed, luckily) and from dirty bowls in the sink that have filled up with water. Is toilet water any different from the tap, or can it be dangerous?
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I think it's fine as long as you don't use any hanging cleaning agents...just straight water...and um....keep it flushed...hehe.
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As golffox said, it's not dangerous as long as there isn't a bowl cleaner in the tank. But I suggest a better solution is to keep the lid on the toilet closed and get a pet fountain for the cat.
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I would disagree and say that it is dangerous, bacteria, falling into the bowl- getting some of the cleaning products in their system, a better bet would be to keep the bathroom door shut, the toilet seat down and invest in a pet fountain- petmate or drinkwell-
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I have not been able to verify the info online anywhere, but our vet says that recent cases of distemper in dogs and cats has been linked to drinking toilet water, and of course the risk if giardia is there are well.
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I think the main thing is: if YOU don't drink out of the toilet bowl, then your CAT shouldn't be doing it either.
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Im pretty sure they do it b/c the bowl keeps it cold....try putting alittle bit of crushed ice in the water by the food...it works with Manny
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One of my cats used to only drink from "her" plastic cup. She would almost never drink from a cat bowl. I started keeping cups or jars with water around specifically for her.
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