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Little parts..

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Espada, one of our youngest kittens just woke up from a mid morning nap (#3 of the day I believe) and is being quite lovey as I post and read up on vixens. So I took a moment to give her a lil face rub (she likes those!) and I'm looking at her eyes, which are 2 different colors for those that don't know yet. Think Marylin Manson and thats what her eyes look like. Anyway... I started thinking about the lil eyeballs, the teeth chewing on my finger tips, and the little feel kicking my forearm as she purrs away into happy land...

I guess I'm just amazed that there's all these teeny parts in our kittens that make them work :P I have no idea what came over me. But I'm sufficiently fascinated as I look around and see Jarama in his classic "shrimp scampi" nap position, and marzal (now out of kitten jail for his peeing incident this morning) sleeping stretched out next to him. Muira's head is poking out from under the edge of the bed as she lays on her back and I could swear she's doing her best to smile at me.

Oh well, I'm rambling. I love my kittens.
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I think it's sweet. I get in those moods sometimes too. I can just take Pepper and hug and kiss her sooooo much.. but I can't cuz I'd probably squeeze the life out of her.
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This is Zero laying on his back, saying "I'm cute! I'm cute!" He is so tiny and perfect. And the girls, when they pounce on things at 4 weeks old, they are so precious!
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