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How do I quit my job?

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Okay, looking for some advice as to how to do this. I quit my last job OK, but the situation was different. So here is my situation:

I work for a tiny consulting company. I am *the* employee. There are two other subcontractors and a bookkeeper. But they are not here all the time.

I like my boss and I know he depends on me *a lot*.

I am will to work a couple months longer to help find him a replacement for his subcontractor that we hate, and find one for me and train them.

I have to tell him soon because it is eating me up. I really hate the job (not him).

So I'm just looking for advice. Should I try to talk during work? After work? On the weekend? Beginning or end of week? Write him an e-mail? What has worked for others?

I'm so nervous, I'm not sure why.

Any advice?? Help?
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During work hours - face to face. Tell him simply that while you like him, you don't like the job and need to find something else - then negotiate a time that will be your last day.
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You need to do it in person, during work, and as soon as possible because if you don't do it soon it will keep eating you up. I put off quitting for way too long and it just made me sick. The anticipation of doing it was worse than when I actually did quit.
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I think you are right. It is hard though, because he is not in the office very much so it will be hard to catch him. If it doesn't happen soon I may have to try and let him know I need to talk, which just promotes a weird nervous anticipation. Not that I'm not nervously anticipating now.
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Good Luck! I hope it goes well for you!
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If you can't catch him in person in a reasonable time - can you get him on the phone?
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Yes. Unfortunately he is out of the office most of tomorrow and Thursday. So maybe if I can't get a good time before Weds I will figure out a way of taking care of it on Weds. I just feel it burning a hole in my stomach. I'm sorry to be leaving him, but I hate the job so much.
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I certainly wouldn't leave unless you have another job opportunity. And when you do leave, don't burn your bridges, leave with as much dignity as you can give the appropriate amount of notice so your boss isn't left in the lurch. Looks poor on a resume to have quit two jobs one after the other-
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Hey thanks for the advice guys.

He actually walked in and I knew I just had to do it so I told him.

I'm not leaving for a few months, which gives me time too look for a new job (although I am backed up $$ if it takes some time) and to help him find someone good.

He was sad, but I think he understood.
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I'm glad he understood. I had a similar problem once. The job was giving me so much stress that I was waking up on Monday mornings with heart palpatations. I knew my boss depended on me and didn't want to hurt him. When I finally told him, he fully understood and gave me a huge going away party and a gold bracelet!
Good luck!
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I'm glad you got it over with. You probably feel so much relief right now. Good Luck job hunting!

He really is lucky you are giving him so much time..........
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I would suggest giving him one month notice. If you begin job hunting, and find something good, they will be willing to wait 2 weeks or so while you give notice. But to ask them to wait a few months...and you may lose the new opportunity.
One month is plenty of time to replace you. Replacing someone else is his job. And if you don't find something new, and he still needs you, you can always work a little longer.
Also ask for a letter of recommendation from him when you leave, so you can take it in the future.
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Actually we need to replace one of his contractors even more, and then we are both taking vacation in August, so it will be easy.

And I'm not gonna start jobhunting until August/September anyway. I'm seriously looking for a job that I want that is good for me, not just a way of making money.
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Wow, I just checked out your site
Thanks for starting a place for the foster families!
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