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Posting for a friend about Patches.

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Just heard today from a friend who is missing her 17 y/o cat. She has the brother Patches and the sister Peaches. Patches has been getting old and sick recently. Just getting thin, couldn't jump up anymore. And now he is missing somewhere in their house, so she knows he has died.

She is having trouble sleeping without him at her feet. Peaches and the dog are mourning, acting as if they are searching for him. I told her she is a good kitty caretaker to have cats get to that age, and she knows she did what she could for him. But after 17 years...

I know there are people here who will understand. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.
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17 years is such a long time and I well know the grief of such a long-time companion ... I hope they find this poor little guy though! I know "they" say that cats will sometimes go off somewhere to die, but just the thought of a beloved pet doing this breaks my heart.

Please tell your friend that my heart is with hers.

Healing light and hugs,

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Yes, Beckiboo, there are so many who do understand. Sending prayers for peace and good light and love. You, yourself, are always so full of love and suppoort for others; your friend is lucky to have you with her.
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Thanks Gayef and Elizabeth. I think only a petlover can understand the feeling. It is nice to have this place to post the hurtful losses, and have friends to help carry the load.
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I am sorry to hear of your friend's loss. My thoughts are heart are with you all.
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Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

I have more sad news. I saw my friend again today, and asked her if she had found Patches body. She burst into tears and said Peaches was fading fast, too. She is sick enough to be considering euthanization. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. What an awful thing to go through, to lose two precious siblings so close together.

I am currently missing an injured feral girl Peaches myself, and fear with each passing day it is more likely I will need to post her here too! Details for my Peaches are posted on the SOS thread.
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Aww, your poor friend. Peaches is obviously missing her brother very much. It must be an awful time for her.
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How sad..... you and your friend are both in my thoughts. I hope things work out well with both of your Peaches.
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Well, her Peaches passed away quietly this morning at home . She was not in any pain, so was not taken to the vet to be euthanized. They never found Patches body, but I suspect her 16 y/o may have buried him so her Mom wouldn't have to see his body.

I heard more details today. She found Patches and Peaches as tiny kittens rolled up in a rug in her garage. Their mother abandoned them, and she bottle fed them and kept them both alive. They were in and out cats for a while when they lived on a farm, but since they have lived in the city now for many years, they have been inside only.

She has made a point to never separate them. They have literally been together since birth, and now are together in death over the bridge. She was very tearful when telling me today, but I think she can start to heal now that they are both gone. Just watching them fade away in old age was very difficult.

She told her children no more pets ever. (They still have a dog). I just laughed, and told her about when I gave up fostering after losing Garfield's brother Odie to distemper, and Festus' sister Mattie to FIP. (Most of you know I have 4 week old foster kittens!) Anyone who can keep tiny kittens alive for 17 years needs a cat.

I know there are people here who understand what she has lost. Even I have never had a pet last 17 years, since I have been the adult in charge! So please think of her sometimes, and offer a prayer or kind thoughts.

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My heart really goes out to her. I can not imagine losing both of your pets in such a short amount of time.
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Thanks for caring. She has had a pretty rough time of it.
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She must be absolutely devastated to lose them both in such a short space of time, especially if they have been together for such a long time. I can understand why she doesnt feel she can have another pet, my parents said the same, but everytime they said it, something would happen and we would end up with another one, so maybe the same will happen to your friend.
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I would bet money on her having another cat in her own time. Everyone heals differently, and some of us run out and get a new cat immediately after a loss. My guess is that just like these two kitties just "showed up" needing her, when the time is right God will put another cat or cats in her path that is meant just for her special skills. But in the meantime, she has lost her pets, her furkids, her bedmates...she just needs the extra support so she can heal from such a big loss!
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I cry for your friend right now. How devestating to loose both in such a short time - one is hard enough.

thankfully she has you to lean on in this time - I agree that in times like this only petlovers can understand the enormous grief that overcomes us. Please pass on our love and support to her during this time.

Having said that - it is also beautiful to know that both are together in death, hard as it is.

How amazing it is for them to live to such an amazing age - she most certainly will have 2 angels watching over her now

RIP Peaches & Patches
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I have the most amazing news. Patches came home! He was outside the whole time! He slept in bed with her last night, with his paw over her hand, as if holding hands. He's thinner, but seems to be in good health for his age. He has trouble getting upstairs, and she knows his time is coming, but...she is just thrilled to have him home again.
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Oh my God! The time she has now with Patches will be all the sweeter! Maybe he left because he knew Peaches didn't have long, and he couldn't bear to be around her?

Condolences and congratulations to your friend.

(hmm...just when I was thinking that if your friend lived in Chicago, I would have had some kitties that are in need of adoption...but this is better news by far!)
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thats brilliant news!! your friend must be thrilled.
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