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A Cute Game  

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Here's a cute game for ya to play
Have fun!!

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That was fun!

Tess liked it too--she attacked the snowballs as they rolled toward the skaters.
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Thanks to Cleo, she posted this link a few weeks ago, here is the main page for a lot of fun games. Stay away from the cows though, they might make you dizzy...

Sunshine Games
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Cat that was fun now I am going to go and check out hissy's site
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Thanks for posting that Catarina!!!
It was really cute!!:tounge2:
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Hissy your site is great......I tried the cows....took me over 4 mins to fill it and yep made me dizzy LOL
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Cute! :tounge2: I played the cow game, too ....... does make you dizzy! :disturbed
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I haven't tried it lately, but when cleo posted those links, I did the cow one. Talk about frustrating! Maybe it's because I have a laptop, but it was hard!
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My faves are Bubble Bees and the Egg one (not sure what its called) How on earth do those people with those huge high scores get that far? I get a mere fraction of the points
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are the chickens with the umbrellas and the monkeys as well as the skaters. Thanks Cleo for posting this earlier, it has been a great stress reliever- and thanks Cat for reminding everyone that it is on the web.
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I was so overwhelmed by the cows I didn't try any of the other games!
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The Santa one made me very dizzy! I loved the snow bowling!
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Yet another way for me to be unproductive at work!

Thanks, Cat! Lotsa fun!

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I've now got everyone at work hooked. Your typical government employees!:tounge2:
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