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I know the feeling of dragging your kitty to the Doc, and she thinks she is being killed. Mine cries and it breaks my heart.
She had to have ear surgery a while back, and we were parted for 3 days. I went into a depression, because I knew she did not know what was happening, and was probably thinking we had abandoned her.

Anyway, my cat is not okay. Her thyroid is all over the place, right now almost nonexistant in function. A friend of mine suggested I go to another Vet for another opinion.
Actually, the Vet who told me the results (less than 2) last night was a different Vet than my own. (they share the same office).
I am going to call back when my regular Vet is there, (Which is not until Saturday!!) and ask if he concurs with the first Vet's decision to stop the meds.


I am starting to fall apart with worry again. My poor baby and he jumping thyroid.....how dangerous is this????????


PS> Judy, Vet's always overcharge, I think
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Sorry Val I misunderstood you and I thought your cat was all right I wish I had some good advice for you ,but a second opinion never hurts !! Heck I totally CHANGED vets when I felt Cookie was not receiving the care she deserved. It was a big decision for me but I had to do "right" by my cat and make the change. I am soooo happy that I did What are Dani's symptoms? It would be helpful to me to know so that I can watch out for them when Cookie starts on her meds. I sure hope you get some answers this Saturday. Have you looked on any of the Cat Health web sites for information on thyroid disease in cats?? I wish you and your kitty much luck in getting her thyroid regulated correctly.
Don't you wish there was a way to better communicate with our cats? I am like you and I feel terrible when I have to leave her at the vets. I want to tell her that I WILL be back to pick her up. I sure would like to know what is going on in her head as I hand her over to the doctor after the long ride in the car and her constant crying it breaks my heart to have to leave her and come home empty handed That last time I left her I cried all the way home and I could barely see where I was driving. Please keep me informed on Dani's progress. And yes I do think all vets overcharge !!!
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Hi JUdy,

Right now when Dani is on less than 2 level thyroid, I don't observe any special side effects. The only thing is she is shedding A LOT, but the Vet said that could either be change of season coat, or the thyroid.

But every time when we adjusted her meds, (which was twice) she was fine for a week, then got very lethargic for about 3 days, and that passed and she seemed normal again.

That is the only side effect I can tell you about in my experience. Also, as her thyroid level went down, from being too high, she started eating more.

I have looked at the websites on this subject, but they don't say what to do if your cat's level goes below the norm. They only give treatment options for general treating of thyroid...arrrggg....If anyone out there knows of where I can find info on almost non-functioning thyroid and meds, I would appreciate it.

Judy I know EXACTLY what you mean about leaving the cat at the vet. I wish we could communicate with them too. I believe we can commmunicate in many ways, but when it comes to something like that, they never seem to understand. Of course they associate the Vet with pain, treatments and the like.

Cats need to feel VERY, VERY secure, and when we even take them out of the house they start to panic...at least most cats, I think.
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Hi Judy,

I was just wondering how you and Cookie are doing? And, if you found her medication any cheaper? You were just on my mind tonight.

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Thanks for thinking of us. I have not searched for the meds yet because I am not sure she will have to be on them. She needs a blood test and that will be done the middle of this month. Doc wants her to be on them a while before she can give me a definite answer. I still have the Tapazole from the vet and each pill must be broken into 4 pieces(not an easy thing to do ). With the holidays and our vacation I really have not started her on them yet. It has been a very busy time for me and she just finished her round of Baytril for a urinary infection , so i gave her (and Me) a little break She is doing wonderful now and for that I am so very glad !! I will keep you posted on her progress. You are very lucky that your cat did not have the same reaction as Vals Did you read her posts??? The thyroid very difficult to regulate correctly
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I'm glad things are going well. You are right, the thyroid is difficult to regulate when it goes whacko. Not only in cats but humans, my niece and sister-in-law both have thyroid problems (one over and one under) and they are always having to have their meds increased or decreased.

I did read about Vals kitty, poor little thing. I hope all goes well with her.

Keep us posted.
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Thank you Missy and Judy.

Today I will call and talk to my regular Vet, not the one who gave me the blood results.

I want to see if he agrees with the other doctors course of treatment, which is to stop all meds and come back in 6 weeks for another blood test.

I noticed that baby was drooling again this morning. just a little, but it reminded me that I had NOT seen that for a very long time.
I am afraid her thyroid is going to run amok.

Well, I will see what my Vet says, I trust him. He seems very good, and concerned about his patients. The problem is, maybe this other doctor is just as good, with a different opinion......who knows who is right? But I will lean toward what my reg. Vet says.....Gotta pick someone to trust, or you go crazy.
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WELL now

Just spoke to my regular Vet. He said instead of stopping the meds cold and come back in six weeks, to put her on a half a pill every day for a week and bring her back next Saturday for a new blood test.

That sounds more reasonable to me....how does it sound to you folks?

Thanks for the advice.
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I think your vet is correct in not stopping Dani "cold" on her meds. My vet has me breaking a Tapazole into 4 pieces . They don't want to overdose Cookie on thyroid meds. Ha,that is exactly what happened to ME!! Doc had me on too strong a dose and has just cut back my dosage because of my last blood test results that showed I was getting too much Synthroid. I have to go back in 12 weeks for another blood test. Yikes it is making me crazy !!! Then we come home from vacation yesterday to find our other cat limping on his back leg off to the vet and they think it is just a muscle pull and to give it 2 weeks to heal . I sure hope he gets better as it is hard enough dealing with one sick cat let alone two!!!! Vet said to bring him back for more extensive tests if he is not better after the 2 weeks so I am hoping that he will get better on his own Val I truly believe that you must go with your "gut" when it comes to chosing the best vet for your kitty. That is why I switched vets because I felt that Cookie's original vet was not giving her the best care that she so deserves. Sorry it took so long for me to answer............we just arrived home last night
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AAww Judy,

I am so sorry about your other kitty and the leg. I hope it heals soon.

Yes, I am not stopping the meds cold. I am going with my original Vet. He took a blood test today, and I have had her on a very, very low dose of meds, as directed. We will see, but I thought it best to trust him. I have a good feeling about my Vet.

It is pretty hard to regulate thyroid, in humans and animals.

OOh Judy, I hope your kitty does well on the tapazole, and that your other kitty heals fast.
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Thanks Val and if you or anyone else has any ideas why my cat is limping I would love to hear any information. This is a new one for me and I am totally baffled.Since the vet did not think it was serious I feel a little better but seeing him limp around is hard for me to deal with and I just wish I knew what happened to him. I am going to search some cat sites for a possible answer and I hope I will find some useful information about sore muscles in cats. I am glad you have good feelings about your vet and I hope your kitty will soon get the proper dose of Tapazole. Best Wishes always!!!
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I have a nearly 17 year old cat whose been on the generic version of tapazole roughly since it became available a year ago. He was on tapazole for about 5 years before that. Anyway, his thyroid level was high (9) and his vet upped the dose. When we rechecked, his thyroid was at 15! Right now, we're going to try putting him back on actual tapazole (not the generic)for a month and see if that changes anything.
Has anyone had an experience where the generic failed to work and only the original tapazole would work? I'm not holding out great hopes for this option but it's definately worth trying.

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Chiming in here to plug tapazole. My Scamper kitty died last December at the age of 18. He was on tapazole for many years or he would never had made it so long. I got the tapazole from dollar Drug - the cheapest drug store around here. I always bought it in the larger doses and then broke it up - cheaper that way. so, if he needed 2.5 mg per day, I would buy the 10 mg pills and break them in quarters -easy. The vet would prescribe 5's and I would tell the pharmacist - no, I want 10's. My vet just called the precription in to the drug store - it was much cheaper than getting it from him, but he didn't argue (he was still making LOTS of money off me - I had three pets get sick and die over the last 2 years.) They switched me to the generic one and I didn't notice a difference altho it was harder to tell since Scamper was slowly succumbing to kidney disease in his last year.

AS far as giving the pill: I would lay him on his back in my lap, gently crack open his mouth by sqeezing at both sides of jaw, then just drop the small pill at the back of the mouth. Presto - down it went - you need to practice good aim tho. Scamper got so used to pills twice a day for the last many years of his life that he hardly noticed - very easy.
Good luck!
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