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Me! :)

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I just happened to stumble on this website while looking for some health information about Ashley (my cat). What a cool site!!! Lots of information and relatable stories!!! I am sure I will be frequenting this place

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Good to hear! Welcome to the bunch! Check out all the different forums, you'll be glad you did. Lots of friendly, helpful folks here.

Have fun!

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Welcome! Glad to hear you like what you see so far!! ha ha.... this is a great place to be and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!!
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We have a forum especially for our new members, so I've moved your post there. Feel free to ask any question about how to use your options.
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Welcome welcome! I'm new too, happened to stumple across it just like you. Aren't we lucky, seems like a great find. What kind of cat do you have?
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Ashley is just a mixed bag....but don't tell her that!!! Same with the cat I grew up with at my parents', Angel. She is 18...all white, long hair, and rules the house over there.
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Welcome to the TCS family! Your cat sounds precious!

I hope you'll like it here. It's a great place to share cat info, learn from others and just hang out.
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I hope you enjoy it here!
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Carrie!!!! Welcome to the catsite! I hope you enjoy it here!
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Welcome to the cat site Carrie640!
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Hi there carrie....glad you joined us it is great to meet you
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Hi Carrie. I am new here too. Found the Catsite.com a couple weeks ago looking for cat furniture. Never used forums before but thought I would check it out. I like what I see. Just toooooo much to go thru. I will be on here all day and nite reading. Guess I will have to come back often to get thru them all. Read my post on the new people forum to learn about my family.
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Hi Carrieand welcome! You will love it here. I have only been on here a little while and am totally addicted to this site
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This has my stumped , Carrie ( the newly wed) post is here and people are welcoming her HUH she has been a member for AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAges What's up man?

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Yep...it's the same Carrie! If you look at the original post, it's date is from 2001. Ironic, huh?
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Welcome! You'll like it here, everyone is great. Have some kitty pictures?
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LOL It's driving me nuts people are still welcoming her ..LOL When she joined ages ago.

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I know Sam...I mentioned that in one of my last posts, but it's obviously being overlooked!
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True. Hmmmmm
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