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I have 2 cats, my female is 4 and the male is 2. Up untill today they got along fine. When I got home from work today, the male was hiding under the bed. I coaxed him out but, when he saw the female he puffed up started hissing and growling and then ran away and hid. This has never happened before, usually the female hisses at him when she wants to left alone and he wants to play, but he has never been the agressor. Normally he is very sweet and cuddley. There are two factors I can think of that might be bothering him. One is that It's very hot here today and maybe he just doesn't want to be bothered. The other is that my fiancee, who he is very close to him has been out of town for a few days. It almost seems like he's sulking. I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone has. Thanks .
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It souds like the two factors you named are the ones that are making your kitties act up. I think that maybe turning up the AC or plugging in a fan could help with the heat, and when your fiancee gets home I'm sure things will quiet down.
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Thanks for your advice, I do have AC and a fan and have brought the scared kitty into the living room with me & put the girl in my room, he seems to be calming down. Thanks again
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If they keep fighting it is possible that the one getting hissed at and or beat up is ill- just something to keep in mind.
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well, I'm happy to say that things seem to have returned to normal. My fiancee has returned and the cats are getting along again. Thanks for all your helpful advice.
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Just one more little story about how a seemingly innocuous change can be a major stressor in the life of a cat!! Such tender little creatures.....I don't know how they can survive on their own!!
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